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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

In Melbourne, Beryl opens her front door to find Craig standing on the step. She smiles, "Hello, stranger!" Craig beams back, "Hi! Still got a room for me for a couple of nights?" Beryl smiles, "I think we can manage!" Craig steps inside and Beryl asks, "You looking forward to your trip to America?" Craig replies, "I'm looking forward to seeing Deb." Beryl comments, "I'll bet you are!" The two of them head into the lounge room - which is covered in un-ironed clothes - and Craig says, "That courier run that Gordon lined up for me; that's still on, isn't it?" Beryl nods, "As far as I know." Craig murmurs, "Good." He then looks around and exclaims in surprise, "How many people are living here?!" Beryl, however, chuckles, "Don't worry: you don't have to share your room with the teeming millions!" Craig asks, "You taking in ironing?" Beryl replies, "Yes - to pay for my flying lessons." Craig asks, "How are they going?" Beryl smiles triumphantly, "I flew solo today!" Craig exclaims, "Good on ya! What does Gordon think?" Beryl replies, "He's as proud as punch - when he has time to be." Craig comments, "He's busy?" Beryl nods, "Flat out - and a few business problems." Craig presses, "Yeah?" Beryl assures him, "Nothing too serious; just business worries." She then nods her head towards the mantle and says, "Have a look over there. Some letters have just arrived from Debbie." Craig dashes over to pick them up.

Doug is standing outside a shop, watching as a signwriter paints something on the window. He makes a comment to the signwriter, who nods at him. Doug stands there, looking thoughtful.

Craig is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Beryl's. Beryl is standing doing some ironing. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Beryl heads out to answer it. She opens the door to find a middle-aged man standing there. She says to him, "Yes, can I help you?" The man clears his throat before then asking hesitantly, "Is, er, Craig Maxwell in? I believe he lives here." Beryl nods, "You're lucky: he's just arrived home. Come in." The man steps inside. Beryl adds, "Go on through." The man heads into the lounge room. Beryl calls, "Craig... someone to see you, love." Craig stands up from the couch - and finds himself standing face-to-face with Peter Elliot." He stares at him. Elliot stares back. Beryl, sensing some tension, says, "Er... I'm Beryl Palmer. Mr...?" Elliot tells her, "Elliot. Peter Elliot." He then asks, "Are you Ruby's sister or something?" Craig, however, says quickly, "Beryl's no relation." Elliot mutters, "Hell of a resemblance, I'd say." Craig murmurs, "Mum's dead." Elliot nods, "I read about it." Beryl then murmurs thoughtfully, "Peter Elliot. You're Craig's--" Craig interrupts her and replies, "Father." He then asks Elliot, "How did you find me?" Elliot reaches into his jacket pocket and removes a sheet of paper. He says tersely, "This. And don't pretend you didn't write it. What do you want? I suppose, more to the point, how much do you want?" Craig stares at him blankly and asks, "What for?" Elliot retorts coldly, "To stay out of my life. What else?" Craig stands there, looking astonished.

A short time later, Craig is standing reading the letter. He then tells Elliot, "I didn't write it." Elliot snaps, "Well who did?" Craig insists, "It's not even my handwriting. I think a friend of mine wrote it - a guy called Andy." He hands the letter to Beryl, adding, "It looks like his handwriting." Elliot demands, "So what's your friend after?" Craig retorts, "Not blackmail." Elliot starts to protest, "I didn't say--" Craig interrupts, though, and retorts, "That's what you thought, isn't it?" Elliot growls, "You can't blame me, that turning up out of the blue." Craig mutters, "Nice meeting you, too, dad." Elliot just snaps, "I don't even know you, boy. I worry about my family; my wife and kids. I'm not worried about you." Craig, however, yells, "Sure you are. You're worried about what I might do to screw things up for you." Beryl starts to say, "I'll have you know, Mr. Elliot, Craig has made a big sacrifice--" Craig interrupts her, though, and murmurs, "Just leave it to me, huh?" He then turns back to Elliot and adds coolly, "I guess you'd rather keep this private." Elliot nods, "Of course." Craig suggests curtly, "Let's go for a walk, then." He picks up his jacket and takes the letter back from Beryl, growling as he does so, "I'll kill Andy." Looking at his father, he then says coldly, "I don't want a thing from you. Not a thing." With that, he heads out. Elliot looks at Beryl and then follows him.

A while later, Craig and Elliot are walking along a footpath, Craig saying, "I got to know PJ so I could get a good look at you - but when I saw you, I didn't--" Elliot interrupts and says, "You saw me?" Craig explains, "Outside your house one morning. You walked straight past me. Why shouldn't you? You didn't know me from Adam. Anyway, I decided not to say anything. What good would it have done? You've got your life, I've got mine." Elliot nods, "Yeah." Craig goes on tersely, "Andy had no right to interfere." Elliot asks, "Why did he, if he wasn't--" Craig interrupts and retorts, "What: if he wasn't after something?" He then goes on, "There's a thing called friendship. I reckon he thought he was doing the right thing." He stops walking and asks Elliot, "How does it affect you?" Elliot looks at him blankly and asks, "What do you mean?" Craig replies, "I'm your kid. How does it affect you to see me for the first time?" Elliot just looks down at the ground. Craig sighs, "You didn't care much about mum anyway, did you?" Elliot shakes his head. Craig adds, "So why should you care about me?" Elliot shrugs, "I guess I was curious - just to see how you'd turned out." Craig comments, "Not enough to stop you getting scared, though." He adds quickly, "Don't worry: I'm not going to screw-up your cosy little life." Elliot retorts, "You can't blame me." Craig assures him, "I don't." With that, he goes to walk off, commenting as he does so, "Nothing else to say, then, is there?" Elliot calls after him, "Is that it? I mean, is that really it?" Craig looks back at him and retorts, "You can't have it both ways." He then adds, "You know, I'm glad this happened." Elliot asks in surprise, "Why?" Craig explains, "When I didn't speak to you, I guess I'd made up in my own mind how I wanted you to be - you know: like a hero or something. At least now I know you're no hero. I always thought I needed a father - but I don't; I've got me." With that, he turns and walks away.

Beryl is standing in her lounge room, doing some more ironing. Caroline is standing next to her. Beryl is saying, "Poor kid - it's going to be tough on him whatever he decides." Caroline exclaims, "You mean that his father actually thought he was out to blackmail him?" Beryl nods, "That's what he implied." Caroline growls, "Men!" Beryl, however, tells her, "You can't be too hard on him; I think he's just an ordinary fellow running scared." Caroline insists, "But Craig's his son." Beryl retorts, "A son he could very much do without." She then calms down again and says, "Anyway, what brings you over here?" Caroline picks up a newspaper from the couch and hands it to Beryl, pointing out a page and saying, "That: a message from Doug to me." Beryl looks at it. She then asks, "You going?" Caroline shrugs, "I don't know." She then says more certainly, "No. What's the point?" Beryl asks, "What if he means it? What if he has turned over a new leaf?" Caroline just retorts in a disbelieving tone, "I'm sure he has. And I'm sure that when I get there he'd have arranged something cute to get my defences down, and I'm sure it will - and then what do I say? 'Excuse me, Doug, but our child has Down's Syndrome'? No, he'll never handle it." Beryl points out, "He deserves a chance to." Caroline just sighs, "I know him." Beryl asks, "What if you get the doctor to explain things to him? For that matter, you haven't talked to the doctor yourself yet." Caroline retorts, "I saw the card. I know the result. No, it's best to leave it as it is. What Doug doesn't know won't hurt him."

Wayne is standing with Fiona in her room at the mansion. He's looking at some copies of floorplans lying on the table. Fiona is saying to him, "You've been trying to convince us you're a new man, so why don't you put your money where your mouth is?" Wayne asks, "Sure it'll only cost me what you have here?" Fiona nods, "I guarantee it. Maybe even less if we get government funding." Wayne looks at her and remarks, "You certainly have it all worked out!" Fiona muses, "I knew who I was selling it to - and you've always been bigger on figures than philanthropy." A broad grin crosses Wayne's face as he looks back down at the plans! Fiona adds, "It might even soften Gordon's attitude towards you. You never know..." Wayne looks up again and remarks, "You're a crafty old devil, aren't you!" He then says, "We have a deal." Fiona exclaims triumphantly, "Oh, wonderful!" She goes to throw her arms around Wayne - but then pulls back quickly, looking slightly embarrassed! There's suddenly a knock on the door and Michael comes in, saying, "Only me. Good news!" Fiona, however, tells him, "Wait, wait. Mine first! Wayne has just agreed to my Halfway House idea!" Michael stares at Wayne and exclaims, "Good on you, mate!" He shakes Wayne's hand. Fiona smiles, "Isn't that wonderful! Now, OK, yours." Michael says, "Remember that ship's doctor job I applied for? I got it!" Fiona exclaims excitedly, "Oh terrific! You're going to have a fantastic time!" Michael smiles, "Beats slogging it out at the hospital!" He then adds, "I've got to go down and see them at the cruise line office and then I'm off to the gym. Better get going. See you later!" With that, he heads out again. When he's gone, Wayne remarks to Fiona, "Looks like it's all coming together for everyone, doesn't it?" Fiona beams, "It certainly does." Wayne adds quietly, "Everyone except Alison..." Fiona muses grimly, "And you're still enough of your old self to revel in that fact - right?" Wayne just smiles, "You'd better believe it!"

Alison is standing in a public callbox, dialling a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Greg? It's Alison. Listen, I have to talk." She listens. She then says, "Greg? Greg..." There's silence at the other end, though. Alison hangs up, looking disappointed. She picks up her purse from the shelf under the 'phone, opens it and takes out a handful of coins. She places some in the 'phone and dials another number. When the call is answered this time, she says in a urgent tone, "Gordon, it's Alison. Listen, I have to talk to someone." She listens to the response before then snapping, "Don't you get all high and mighty on me. We're in this together... Yes, I know it's my debt, but I need help, Gordon." She listens again. Her face drops further as she asks, "Who's been talking to you?" She listens before crying, "I didn't do anything to Charlie; I was set up. Gordon. Gordon?" There's silence again at the other end. Alison hangs up and puts her hand to her head, looking worried and upset.

Fiona is sitting at the table in her room at the mansion, saying, "I want to get Janice mixed up in the project as much as possible. The poor kid's feeling very low right now." Wayne, who's sitting opposite her, eating lunch, remarks, "Nothing a man wouldn't fix." Fiona mutters, "Thanks for the sympathy. There are more things in life than sex." Wayne stares at her and chuckles, "Come on, Fiona, I'm not that superficial! I know Janice; I know she's after something deeper than a quick fling; and I know it's what's messing her around. That's what I meant when I said she needs a man." Fiona murmurs, "OK. I'm sorry I snapped." Wayne comments, "You're worried about her." Fiona sighs, "She deserves someone. I know she's got her funny little ways, but she's got so much to give..." Wayne suggests, "All she needs is the right man, right?" Fiona nods sadly, "That's right - and they don't grow on trees." There's a knock on the door as Fiona adds, "If they did, I'd have her out there in the orchard, picking fruit!" She then stands up and goes and opens the door. A look of astonishment crosses her face as she sees who's standing there. She exclaims, "Dear God, what are you doing here?"

A while later, Janice walks into the mansion through the front door, a glum expression on her face. She goes to head into Fiona's room, but then pauses outside, apparently having second thoughts. She turns and starts heading towards the stairs - where she finds someone sitting waiting for her, holding a bunch of flowers. It's Neville! He says nervously, "Hello, Janice." Janice stands there, open-mouthed.

A short time later, Janice is sitting next to Neville on the stairs. He comments, "I thought you would've been expecting me." Janice tells him, "There was no letter." Neville remarks, "I sent one two weeks ago. No wonder Fiona was stunned when I turned up!" Janice then comments, "So you're going to manage your family's property." Neville nods as he replies, "I've wanted to come back to Australia ever since I left." Janice asks, "What does your wife think of that?" Neville's face drops. He murmurs, "Of course - you wouldn't know; that was in the letter too. Celia died in a car accident six months ago." Janice looks down and says, "I'm sorry." Neville goes on, "I'm fine now; at the time--" Janice interrupts and says, "Yes... You must have loved her very much." Neville replies, "I cared for her. It wasn't a match made in heaven. It was what both our parents wanted - and I suppose we were too weak to resist. We weren't unhappy; we just weren't happy." Janice says, "I thought, when I saw the wedding photo..." Neville suggests, "That I'd found the girl of my dreams? No. If she'd lived, we'd've had a good marriage - but we'd never have really been in love. I've only ever loved one person in my life. I didn't realise it 'til I was back home how much I loved you; how much I missed you. I still love you, Janice; that's why I'm here. I want to marry you." Janice stares at him.

Fiona is standing with her ear to the door of her room, trying to listen to Janice and Neville's conversation! Wayne is sitting at the desk, and he calls across impatiently, "Can we get on with it?" Fiona, however, waves him away and says excitedly, "I think he's just asked her!" Wayne sighs, "I have another meeting to get to and we still have some points to settle." Fiona retorts, "It can wait. She's crying!" Wayne stands up and mutters, "I'll come back later this afternoon." Fiona tuts, "You're such a romantic!" Wayne points out, "As if she's going to say 'no'." Fiona retorts, "She might just get a bee in her bonnet about being second choice. You never can tell with Janice." Wayne puts his hand on the doorhandle and says, "Let me know how it turns out." Fiona, however, tells him, quickly, "You are not going out there." Wayne exclaims, "I have a meeting to get to!" Fiona orders, "Go out the back way. Things are at a very critical point at the moment, and I'm not allowing any interruptions." Wayne rolls his eyes and heads off towards the kitchen. Fiona calls after him in exasperation, "Thanks to you, I've probably missed it all." The door opens suddenly and Fiona makes a quick pretence of looking for something on the floor! Janice and Neville walk in. Janice beams, "Aunt Fiona..." Fiona looks up at her. Janice and Neville then say in unison, "Yes!" Fiona throws her arms around both of them, saying ecstatically, "Oh, my darlings! That's wonderful!" Wayne stands over by the bookcase, a smile on his face.

Beryl is folding up some ironing in her lounge room when the front door bangs and Craig walks in. He looks upset. Beryl comments, "Bad, huh? Would it help to talk about it?" Craig just retorts, "No, it wouldn't." With that, he heads off to his room. Beryl stands there, looking worried.

In the lounge room at her house, Caroline places a cassette tape into a recorder and presses 'Play'. The recording that starts playing is the one Caroline made when she gave Doug tips on how to speak the lingo in America. She stands there and listens to it wistfully. After a few seconds, she turns the machine off. She then goes to the 'phone index, looks up a number and dials. When the call is answered, she says, "Speedy Couriers?... Yes, I have an urgent delivery; has to be there by two o'clock... Fine. The address is 47 Marion Street, Melbourne... Yes, it'll be ready in twenty minutes. Thankyou." With that, she hangs up. She then turns back to the tape player, puts in a new cassette and starts recording. She picks up the machine and places it close to her mouth. She then starts saying, "Dear Doug. I guess this is taking the coward's way out..."

Sometime later, Doug is sitting in his car, listening to the tape. Caroline goes on, "...but it's easier that way. I'm not apologising for it. I saw your ad, but I won't be turning up. Even if we could work out all the other problems - which I guess we could; we love each other enough - there's one thing you don't know about: tests have shown that the baby's going to be shown with Down's Syndrome. It's going to be hard enough for me to deal with something like that - and I know you well enough to know that you couldn't. We're apart now. It's better we stay that way. But I hope you'll never doubt one thing: I've never loved anyone, ever, as much as I love you. Goodbye, my love. This is a hard decision. Don't make it any harder for me. Please." Doug sits in the driver's seat of his car, tears welling-up in his eyes.

The front door of the mansion bursts open and Alison marches in. She goes and knocks on Michael's door. There's no response. All-of-a-sudden, she hears the door of Fiona's room open and Wayne saying, "I'll see you over at Charlie's, Fiona. Congratulations again, you two." He closes the door - and spots Alison standing there. He makes his way towards her and says coldly, "Well, well, well. Here to drum up support?" Alison retorts, "Michael will believe me." Wayne, however, tells her, "I doubt it. Even if he does, it doesn't matter: he's got a job on a cruise ship; he's leaving in a week - so even if you did talk him around, he wouldn't be here for you anyway. You have nothing... you have no one... just what you deserve." Alison glares at him. She then lashes out and slaps him around the face. Wayne just grins nastily, "You look terrible. Grooming is so important to a woman down on her luck." Alison hisses, "I'm going to make you sorry you were ever born." Wayne just smiles, "That's very Fifties B-movie. Ciao!" With that, he heads back out. Alison stands there, looking shellshocked.

Some time later, a drunk Alison is back in her dingy motel room, filling a glass with scotch. As she goes to put it to her lips, she slurs, "I'll kill him. I'll kill him..." She then downs the scotch and sighs heavily. After a few seconds, she slurs, "Money... I need money... It takes money to kill someone... pay someone..." With that, her heads slumps onto her chest. A few seconds later, though, she raises her head again and murmurs, "Necklace... pawn the necklace..." She staggers over to the chest of drawers, opens it and takes out a jewellery case. She looks at a diamond necklace inside. She then closes the case again, picks up her handbag and staggers out.

A short time later, Alison is dialling a number in the public callbox. When the call is answered, she says, "Is Danny there?... My name's Alison, Danny. I was talking to someone once who said you can arrange 'accidents', so to speak - for the right price." She listens before adding, "I know we shouldn't talk about it over the 'phone, so where can we meet?... I want something done today, so as soon as possible... Yes, that'd be fine. I'll meet you there." She then adds quickly, "Before you go: I want something that won't go wrong. I want this person's car wired to explode when they turn the ignition key. Can you manage that?" She listens again before snapping, "I just want to know whether you can or you can't... Yes. Good. I'll meet you there in half an hour."

Wayne opens the front door at Charlie's. Fiona is standing on the step and she smiles, "Hi there! I'm here to help." As she steps inside, she adds, "Where's Charlie?" Wayne tells her, "Out the back." Fiona asks, "Is she nervous?" Wayne, however, laughs, "No way! Who's more centre-stage than a bride at a wedding? She's revelling in it!" The two of them head into the lounge room and Fiona asks, "What can I do?" Wayne suggests, "Call the caterer - check to make sure everything's fine his end. The number's by the 'phone. I'm just organising the guys putting up the marquee." Fiona comments, "I wondered who that was out the front." Looking puzzled, Wayne queries, "Out the front?" Fiona tells him, "Big guy in a red shirt." Wayne replies, "Not one of them." Fiona goes on, "He was just going out the gate as I was coming in." Wayne shrugs, "No idea. He might've had the wrong house." He then heads towards the french windows and adds, "I'll be out here if you need me." He heads outside. Fiona goes to the 'phone.

Alison is standing part way down the drive outside, handing money to a large man in a red T-shirt. He starts counting it. Alison, however, snaps, "For God's sake, it's all there. Now clear off." The man starts lumbering down the driveway.

Inside, Fiona is saying on the 'phone, "Just make sure they get here on time... Yes, I know you will. OK. Bye!" She hangs up as Wayne walks back in through the french windows. She smiles, "No worries with the caterers. The wedding cake's under control. That was the florist - they've had a bit of a hitch with the flowers, but they're going to fly them in specially." Wayne nods at her and says, "I'm just picking up the champagne." Fiona tells him quickly, "I'll have a lift with you: Charlie's out of coffee and I promised to get some down the shop." Wayne nods, "OK."

Alison is hiding in some bushes outside. She watches as Wayne emerges from Charlie's, accompanied by Fiona. Looking worried, she whispers to herself agitatedly, "Not you too. Just him..." As Fiona goes to climb into Wayne's car, she says suddenly, "Oh! Talk about lazy! It's five minutes' walk down the road!" Wayne insists, "I don't mind dropping you." Fiona, however, tells him, "The walk'll do me good." With that, she closes the passenger side door and starts walking off. Wayne calls after her, "I forgot to ask: how are the lovebirds?" Fiona smiles, "Very lovebirdy!" Alison watches as she then heads down the drive. A delicious grin crosses her face. Wayne walks round to the driver's side of the car, opens the door and climbs in. He pulls the door shut and puts on his seatbelt. He places his key in the ignition. He then puts on his sunglasses before reaching out to start the car. From her hiding place in the bushes, Alison smiles gleefully, "Bye bye..."


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