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Rosie Andrews/Palmer

Rosie Andrews

Rosie Andrews

Rosie Palmer

Rosie Palmer

First Appearance: Episode 30 (1982)

Last Appearance:
Episode 534 (1985)

Known Family:
Sister - Nancy; Son - Barry; Niece - Gayle Andrews; Husband (2) - Doug Palmer.

Key Relationships:
Marriage to Doug Palmer

Key Storylines:
The housekeeper at Woombai and sister of Gordon Hamilton's first wife, Nancy, is very fond of the Hamilton family - with the exception of Patricia, who she doesn't trust one inch. She's devastated when debts mean Gordon has to put Woombai up for sale. She moves to Melbourne, where she discovers that she has a niece - Gayle - who's the daughter of Rosie's son, Barry. She helps shape Gayle from a rough Melbourne teenager into a proud young woman who heads off to work in the country.

Rosie meets Doug Palmer - David Palmer's father - and find she has a lot in common with him. Romance blossoms over time and Doug and Rosie end up marrying. They move away to the country to start their new life together.

Rosie makes one further appearance - as the catalyst for introducing Leigh Palmer into Sons and Daughters: Doug's granddaughter is staying with him and Rosie, but wants to see the bright lights of the city. Rosie arranges for her to go and stay in Melbourne.

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