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Robin Elliott

Robin Elliott


First Appearance: Episode 365
Last Appearance: Episode 548

Key Storylines:
Robin is a contact of Wayne's who is hired by Stephen Morrell to undertake the PR for Woombai, and he organises and makes a success of Lisa Cook's fashion show up there. Margaret Dunne discovers that Robin's wife, Kathleen, is in prison in Perth, having taking the blame for the crime he committed of defrauding the company she was working for. When Kathleen is released, Patricia tells her where Robin is, and she tracks him down. Robin has become involved with Jill, after helping her deliver baby Fee, but Kathleen tries to persuade him to go back to her. When she fails, she decides to attack by driving her car straight at Jill. Robin spots the danger, though, and pushes Jill out of the way. He is hit by the full force of the vehicle and ends up in hospital in a coma, from which the doctors fear he is never likely to wake.

Robin dies almost a year later, after Cheri Nolan - a nurse who hates to see others suffering and is strongly pro-euthanasia - pulls the plug on his life support machine.

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