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Andrew Green

Andy Green

Andy Green

Andy Green

Andy Green

First Appearance: Episode 342 (1983)

Last Appearance:
Episode 972 (1987)

Known Family:
Mother - Helen Green; Father - Roland Armstrong; Daughter - Madonna

Key Relationships:
Affair with Lynn Palmer; Romance with Kelly Burns

Key Storylines:
Andrew (Andy) Green was born in about 1965 and was raised by his mother, Helen. He never knew his father, although he did occasionally see photos of the guy. Music was always his first love, and when he was fifteen he managed to get into a band, 'Hot Wax', playing bass guitar. He came into conflict over this with his mother, though, as she thought he should go to university. Andy supplements the small amount he earns from occasional gigs with casual work as a barman.

In late-1983, Andy meets Stephen Morrell - the man in the photos he's seen - for the first time. Stephen's wife, Patricia, enlists Andy to contest the will of Stephen's late mother, Dee, who hasn't left anything to her son and his wife. Unfortunately, when Andy obtains a copy of his birth certificate, it lists his father as 'Unknown'. Andy's mother, Helen, refuses to explain why. It transpires eventually that Andy's father is the late Roland Armstrong - the first husband of Stephen's sister, Barbara. Shortly after the truth comes out, Helen Green dies in a tragic accident after falling into the pool at the Hamilton mansion, Dural.

While on a trip to Melbourne with Barbara Hamilton, Andy meets Lynn Palmer. He's smitten immediately, but is shocked to learn that Lynn is married with a baby son. He still spends a lot of time in Lynn's company, though, and begins to fall in love. There's no future in the relationship, however, as Lynn is due to fly overseas to London with her husband, Kevin.

Andy is dropped by the other members of 'Hot Wax'. He decides to put together his own band - and during auditions meets some guys who he finds have a different outlook on the world. He begins to be drawn in to their way of life, and agrees to go and stay at their commune - The Farm - for a few days. When Beryl Palmer warns him that he's being brainwashed and drawn into a cult, Andy refuses to believe her. He moves out to The Farm permanently - only to find himself kidnapped a short time later by Stephen Morrell and taken to Woombai to get the cult out of his system. It's tough going at Woombai: Andy tries to escape several times, and it's only through the help of Lynn - who returns to Australia at the request of Barbara - that he recovers; but only after Lynn almost dies in an accident while chasing a fleeing Andy through the bush.

A few weeks later, Andy learns from David Palmer that Kevin has been caught-up in a terrorist incident overseas and, upon returning to Australia, has lost his hearing as a result of the trauma. Lynn invites Andy to meet Kevin over a meal, but the evening is a disaster, as Kevin accuses Lynn and Andy of being on together. Kevin continues to reject Lynn and Andy eventually threatens Kevin that he'll take his wife away from him. Lynn seems happy to be with Andy rather than her husband - put when crunch-time comes, she realises she can't do it: she tells Andy that she's fought too hard for her marriage to give up now. A disappointed Andy has to face being on his own again.

There's a shock for Andy when he discovers that his father, Roland, isn't dead after all, but had to go into hiding as part of a witness-protection programme. Roland returns to Australia from the US and Andy gets to know him; the two men discover a shared interest in chess and play numerous games together.

Over the next few months, Andy drifts around, providing a supporting shoulder to his friends, but managing to avoid any scrapes himself. When he meets blind girl, Kelly Burns, whose mother has died during an operation in hospital, he finds there's a connection between the two of them. As their relationship develops, Andy applies for, and is offered, a job DJ-ing on a cruise ship. Kelly is offered a job as a singer on the same ship, and the two of them head off for several weeks on the sea.

Upon his return to Australia, his relationship with Kelly having broken-up, a new, more bitter, Andy goes into competition with new arrival, Craig Maxwell - a competition that covers both business and pleasure: Andy becomes smitten with Craig's girlfriend, Debbie Maxwell. It's Craig who wins both battles, though. A disappointed Andy then hooks up with Wayne Hamilton and becomes his henchman - although he finds his services are required and then dumped on a fairly regular basis, depending upon what trouble Wayne finds himself in.

Andy manages to resist the attempts of Janice Reid to change him into a religious do-gooder - but when he then learns to his surprise that he has a baby daughter, Madonna, the result of a fling with teenager Jodie Frazer a few months earlier, he begins to get to know his daughter - and when Jodie decides that she can't cope with bringing up a baby on her own and dumps Madonna on Janice, Andy steps in and decides to be a proper father to the girl. As a Minister waits to marry Charlie Bartlett and Todd Buckley in mid-1987, Andy asks him if he can christen his daughter first. The Minister agrees. Andy asks Fiona to be godmother and he asks for the baby to be christened Madonna Janice Green. The hot-headed teenager of just a few years before looks set to become a responsible young parent - with the help of his friends.

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