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Angela Hamilton/Palmer/Keegan

Angela Hamilton

Angela Keegan

Angela Keegan

Angela Keegan

First Appearance: Episode 2 (1982)

Last Appearance:
Episode 424 (1984)

Known Family:
Father - Martin Healy; Mother - Patricia Hamilton; Brother - John Palmer; Stepfather - Gordon Hamilton; Husband - Rob Keegan

Key Relationships:
Engaged to Simon Armstrong, but breaks it off; Liaison with Mick Ryan; Love triangle with Rob Keegan and Paul Sheppard: chooses Rob but has an affair with Paul

Key Storylines:
Angela Hamilton was born in 1962, the daughter of Patricia and Gordon Hamilton. She enjoyed a very privileged childhood, where nearly all her wants were catered for. When she was about 18 or 19, Angela had an affair with a married man, and he actually left his wife to be with his new girlfriend. Angela dumped him a week later, however. Angela's brother, Wayne, found out, and used this knowledge to blackmail Angela for some time, until she eventually came clean to her father. (She was trying to avoid telling Gordon because she knew how much he doted on her.)

In 1982, Angela is romantically involved with Simon Armstrong, the son of Roland and Barbara Armstrong. That all changes, though, when Angela meets Scott Edwards, to whom she becomes attracted. There's a shock in store, however, when Patricia reveals that 'Scott' is really her son, John, and, therefore, Angela's twin brother. Angela moves to Melbourne to get to know her real father, David Palmer. While in the city, Angela has a brief fling with Mick Ryan, but the two of them drift apart after Mick's terminally ill son, Stevie, dies.

Angela moves back to Sydney and meets Rob Keegan. Romance ensues and Rob asks Angela to marry him. She says 'yes'! However, when Angela then meets the Hamiltons' new gardener, Paul Clark, her feelings for Rob begin to become more confused. Despite this, Angela goes through with the marriage and she and Rob head off on honeymoon to Macedon. Rob then starts talking about having children - and Angela's confusion grows: she ends up telling Rob that she made a mistake marrying him and that having children would make it even worse. She runs out. Rob follows her to Melbourne and they manage to patch things up.

Angela continues to find herself in the vicinity of Paul - now revealed to be Paul Sheppard, son of millionaire James Sheppard - and she and Rob endure further ups-and-downs. However, she agrees to try to have a baby. Unfortunately, she fails to conceive and is devastated when medical tests reveal that she can't have children. The situation worsens when Rob then discovers that he has a child of his own, Domine, by a previous girlfriend. Angela initially refuses to have anything to do with the young girl, but her attitude gradually softens and she eventually agrees with Rob that they should apply for legal custody of Domine. Sadly, Domine's mother, who was originally open to the idea, decides that she wants to retain custody of her daughter, and Rob and Angela have to say goodbye to the girl.

There's a huge shock in store for Angela when it's revealed that David isn't her father after all, and that it's actually Martin Healy, with whom Patricia had an affair in the 1960s. Angela meets Martin, but takes a dislike to him. Meanwhile, she and Rob move into a property which they turn into a coffee shop they name The Terrace.

After a period of not having any contact with Paul, Angela is surprised to hear from him out of the blue. He tells her that he's in Melbourne and is lonely. Angela agrees to meet with him - and an affair quickly ensues. A few weeks later, Angela faints as she climbs the stairs at her and Rob's place. She's taken to hospital where she's told - to her astonishment - that she's pregnant. She immediately realises that she has to stay with Rob, and she tells Paul that she can't see him anymore. However, Paul challenges Angela over whether the baby is his. Angela denies this, and Paul eventually accepts that he has to let her go. He goes to see her at one last time, and is hugging her in her and Rob's bedroom when Rob arrives home and discovers the two of them together. The two men start fighting downstairs. As Angela goes down to try and stop them, she feels some sharp pain and collapses. She suffers a miscarriage.

The trauma of the miscarriage leaves Angela with amnesia. When she 'meets' John, she is convinced that he's her husband. It's only when she kisses him that reality hits her again and her memories come flooding back. She decides that she can't go back to Rob and chooses to live with Paul in Sydney. However, she quickly begins to feel smothered by him - and when he then arranges to buy a baby for them, and brings the pregnant Christine Matthews to live with them, Angela is furious. Christine gives birth to boy-and-girl twins, who she names John and Felicity. Angela is wary of the new-borns, but when she holds baby John for the first time, she falls in love with him. Unfortunately, Christine begins to deny Angela access to the children - and when Christine then admits to Angela spitefully that she's after Paul, Angela tells Paul that their relationship is over.

Paul and Christine move away to a hotel. Angela finds herself alone. She tries calling Rob, but finds herself unable to speak when he answers the 'phone. John tells her subsequently that Rob is about to head off to work up-north, and that if she wants to try again with him, this is her last chance. Angela flies down to Melbourne to talk to him, but learns from Amanda Morrell that she and Rob are together now. Lynn Palmer tells Angela quickly that that's a pack of lies, and that it's really Angela that Rob loves. Angela decides not to pursue things, though, and she returns to the airport in order to fly back to Sydney. Just before she boards her 'plane, however, Rob appears. He tells Angela that he's not going to let her leave him again. Angela cries that she doesn't want to hurt him again, but Rob says it'll hurt more if she gets on the 'plane. He asks if they can give it another try, and Angela happily agrees. A couple of days later, she and Rob head off for a second go at life together.

About seven months later, in mid-1984, Angela returns to Melbourne, briefly, to ask John to come and join her and Rob in running a hotel they've just bought up-north. Although John is initially wary, because he's just gone into partnership with David, David persuades him that it's for the best. Angela and John leave together, the twins having been reunited again.

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