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Barbara Armstrong/Hamilton

Barbara Armstrong

Barbara Hamilton

Barbara Hamilton

Barbara Hamilton

First Appearance: Episode 13 (1982)

Last Appearance:
Episode 736 (1986)

Known Family:
Mother - Dee Morrell; Brother - Stephen Morrell; Husband - Roland Armstrong; Son - Simon Armstrong; Niece - Caroline Morrell; Niece - Samantha Morrell; Husband - Gordon Hamilton

Key Relationships:
Marriage to Roland Armstrong until his 'death' in 1982; Marriage to Gordon Hamilton; Fling with Ross Newman

Key Storylines:
Barbara Morrell married her first husband, Roland Armstrong, in approximately 1957. They had several children who live around the world, including a son, Simon, and a daughter, Wendy. Barbara's brother is Stephen Morrell, and their mother is Dee Morrell - a high-climbing businesswoman and socialite. Barbara and Stephen had a bust-up with their mother in the 1970s over the fact that she was having affairs with other men, which Barbara believed she was flaunting in front of her husband, Benjamin. Barbara believed that it was this that led to her father dying - from a broken heart - and she and Stephen vowed never to speak to their mother again.

In 1982, Simon Armstrong is set to marry Angela Hamilton, but Angela confesses that she's not really in love with Simon and the wedding is called off. Barbara heads off to the US with Roland, accompanying him on a business trip, but returns home to Australia after finding herself feeling bored. It's only a short time later that Barbara learns to her horror that Roland has had a heart attack in America and has died.

Barbara becomes increasingly close to Gordon Hamilton as his marriage to Patricia begins to fall apart. When Gordon finally decides to divorce Patricia, he asks Barbara to marry him - and she says yes. The situation is complicated when Wendy Armstrong arrives back in Australia after spending two years in the US and accuses her mother of not respecting Roland's memory. It takes a while for the mother and daughter to work through their differences.

While out horseriding, Barbara is kicked in the head by a horse. Although she seems to be OK initially, it's diagnosed eventually that a blood clot has developed in her brain. She is operated upon and, after a relapse which she also survives, moves to the country to recover. Three months later, she returns to Sydney and marries Gordon.

There's a shock for Barbara when she learns that her brother, Stephen, has married Patricia. Things are complicated further when Dee Morrell arrives back in the country after several years overseas. Dee tries to make amends with her daughter, but Barbara insists that she wants nothing to do with Dee. Several rows ensue before Barbara and Dee make up - and a few days later, Dee's health fails and she dies.

Barbara is stunned when she learns that Roland had fathered a son she knew nothing about: Andy Green was born as a result of an affair Roland had with Helen Green in the mid-60s. Barbara begins to get to know and care about Andy and takes it upon herself to help him after he becomes involved with a cult.

Another difficult situation presents itself when escort, Liz Smith, comes into the Hamiltons' lives and finds herself falling in love with Gordon. Barbara ends up blackmailing her to move out, but it's not enough to avert a crisis in her and Gordon's marriage, and they separate.

Barbara finds herself attracted to another man when Dr. Ross Newman starts making plays for her. He helps her over her split from Gordon by prescribing tranquillisers to help her nerves. In return, Barbara agrees to fund the Research Foundation at the hospital where Ross works. However, Andy and Amanda Morrell start trying to convince Barbara that Ross isn't on the level and that her money is going into his personal bank account. Barbara eventually listens enough to confront Ross - and the truth comes out. Following this episode, Barbara and Gordon begin to get their marriage back on track.

After all the ups and downs of their relationship, it's a car crash that brings an end to Barbara and Gordon's happiness: the couple are in a car together and collide with another car driven by Alison Carr. Barbara suffers severe facial injuries and Gordon suffers amnesia, causing him to believe for a while that he's still married to Patricia. Barbara concludes sadly that there's no future for her and Gordon's relationship and she decides to head off overseas, leaving her life in Australia behind.

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