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Martin Healy

Martin Healy

Martin Healy

Martin Healy

Martin Healy

First Appearance: Episode 186 (1983)

Last Appearance:
Episode 252 (1983)

Known Family:
Son (by Patricia Dunne) - John Palmer; Daughter (by Patricia Dunne) - Angela Hamilton; Son - Adam Healy; Son - Peter Healy; Adopted Daughter - Jennifer Healy

Key Relationships:
Flings with both Patricia and Margaret Dunne in the 1960s; Fling with Patricia Hamilton in 1983

Key Storylines:
In the early-1960s, Martin Healy is married, with one child growing up and another on the way. When he meets 17-year old Melbourne teenager, Patricia Dunne, he becomes involved with her, but is shocked when she tells him that she's fallen pregnant to him. Thinking of how to get himself out of the situation, he arranges for her to have a termination. What he never tells Patricia is that, while he's seeing her, he's also having an affair with her sister, Margaret. 22-year-old Martin and his family eventually move away from the area, and Martin enlists in the airforce, where he becomes a pilot and flies in Malaya and Vietnam among other countries. By the early-1980s, he has risen through the ranks of the airforce to become Group Captain Healy, although he now spends his days at a desk, rather than in the skies. His wife, Sandra, died in 1978, and his eldest son, Adam, has left home. Martin now lives with his younger son, 18-year old Peter, and his adopted daughter, Jennifer. His major regret is that neither of his sons have wanted to follow him into the force.

In early-1983, Martin receives a visit from John Palmer: the son he thought Patricia had aborted. He gets to know John - and, as a result, Patricia again, as well. John's twin sister, Angela, isn't so keen to get to know her new father, though.

Martin starts trying to push John to follow him into the airforce - and John willingly goes along with him. However, Martin is shocked when he learns that John's fiancée, Jill Taylor, used to be a prostitute and slept with at least one of his airforce colleagues. He manipulates events to show Jill what life would be like as the wife of an airforce officer - and it leads to the desired effect of her calling off her relationship with John.

When Jennifer returns to Australia after a trip overseas, Martin is horrified to learn that she's pregnant - and that the father is his biological son, Adam. He also clashes with his other son, Peter, over Peter's view of ANZAC Day veterans - and, more significantly, over Peter's failure to fix the catch on the gate by the Healys' swimming pool, which leads to the little girl next door clambering through the gate and drowning in the pool. Martin takes brutal revenge by holding Peter under the water in the pool for several seconds.

Patricia begins to become too busy to see much of Martin and he turns to her sister, Margaret. Margaret tells him that Jen has had an abortion and that Patricia arranged it. Martin is furious at Patricia, but Margaret makes him see that Jen had no one else to turn to. He begins to fall in love with Patricia again and asks her to marry him. She says 'yes'! However, as Martin begins to make preparations, Margaret blurts out that there isn't going to be a wedding: Patricia is planning to stand him up at the altar in revenge for him trying to force her to have an abortion all those years ago.

Martin's problems worsen when Peter receives a letter from Adam telling him that Martin was responsible for the death of Jen's father, Barry, in Vietnam, leaving Barry to die so that he could get away and save his own skin. Overwhelmed with problems, and fearful of the way his airforce colleagues will react when they find out about him leaving Barry to die, Martin doesn't see anything in life worth living for. He writes two notes - one for Peter and Jen and one for Patricia - and then picks up a gun. A shot rings out and Martin falls to the ground, dead.

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