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Rob Keegan

Rob Keegan

Rob Keegan

Rob Keegan

Rob Keegan

First Appearance: Episode 74 (1982)

Last Appearance:
Episode 896 (1987)

Known Family:
Father - Bob Keegan; Mother - Aileen Keegan; Sister - Beryl Palmer; Wife - Angela Hamilton; Nephew - Brett Keegan

Key Relationships:
Romance, leading to marriage, with Angela Hamilton

Key Storylines:
After spending some time working in the northern mining districts of Australia and earning a lot of money, Rob Keegan decides to return home to see his parents, but stops in Melbourne on the way to visit his sister, Beryl. Tensions set in quickly after Rob encourages Kevin Palmer to gamble, and after an argument with Beryl, Rob heads up to Sydney to see John and meet his twin sister, Angela. While there, he and Angela fall in love. It isn't long before they wed.

The marriage runs into trouble quickly when Rob and Angela fight over the issue of having children. The situation only worsens when Rob learns that Angela has feelings for Paul Sheppard and has been seeing him behind Rob's back. The two of them move to Melbourne and Rob forbids Angela to see Paul anymore.

To his shock, Rob receives a letter from an ex-girlfriend, Kerry Mitchell, telling him that he has a daughter, Domine. Angela then discovers that she can't have children. Kerry dumps Domine on Rob - but to Rob's relief, Angela agrees to help take care of the child. He suggests eventually that the two of them apply for legal custody - but it isn't long before Kerry decides she wants her daughter back, and a furious and disappointed Rob has to give in.

Rob and Angela buy a run-down old house and decide to turn it into a coffee shop, which they name The Terrace. While she's decorating, Angela falls down the stairs and is rushed to hospital. It's discovered that she's pregnant, much to her and Rob's shock! Angela returns home but suffers another health scare while Rob isn't there. Rob dashes home - only to find Paul in Angela's bedroom, his arms round her. A fight between the two men ensues. Angela shouts at them to stop it, but the stress causes her to suffer a miscarriage - and lose her memory. Rob, convinced that the baby was Paul's, refuses to have anything to do with Angela anymore.

Moving on with his life, Rob has a fling with Amanda Morrell, but after he learns from an old friend that there's good money going up-north, he decides to cut his losses and leave Melbourne altogether. Just before he leaves, John Palmer calls to tell him that Angela still loves him and is at the airport, waiting to fly back to Sydney. Rob weighs up the situation and decides to go after her. He catches up with Angela and asks if they can give things another try. To his relief, Angela agrees. A few days later, they both head up-north, leaving the Palmers, Hamiltons and Morrells behind.

Rob returns to Sydney briefly in 1987 when Beryl marries Gordon Hamilton.

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