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Amanda Morrell

Amanda Morrell

Amanda Morrell

Amanda Morrell

Amanda Morrell

First Appearance: Episode 286 (1983)

Last Appearance:
Episode 594 (1985)

Known Family:
Father - Stephen Morrell; Mother - Caroline Morrell; Sister - Samantha Morrell; Grandmother - Dee Morrell

Key Relationships:
Fling with John Palmer; Marriage to Wayne Hamilton; Romance with Todd Fisher; Fling with Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell

Key Storylines:
Amanda returns to Sydney following a skiing trip abroad and is horrified to discover that her father, Stephen, has married Patricia Hamilton. When Dee Morrell then arrives in Australia from overseas, Amanda does her best to badmouth Patricia to her grandmother. Dee takes a dislike to Patricia and enlists Amanda's help to get back at her by telling Amanda to marry Wayne Hamilton and give Dee a grandson! Amanda is shocked at the idea, but when she learns about the financial compensation she'll receive from Dee, she agrees to go ahead with the plan.

Dee dies before the marriage can take place - and Wayne and Amanda head to a registry office quickly before anyone else learns of Dee's passing; as a result, Dee leaves them half of her assets, plus the mansion at Toorak and the Morrell apartment in Sydney, with further to come if Amanda gives birth to a grandson within a year. Wayne worries that Amanda won't conceive quickly enough, though, and so he hatches a plan to rip-off the other main beneficiaries of Dee's will: Beryl Palmer and Margaret Dunne. Amanda quickly becomes disillusioned with Wayne and his money-making schemes and she walks out on him.

It doesn't take long for Wayne to blackmail Amanda into going back to him. Amanda reluctantly goes along with the blackmail - but also takes the opportunity of returning to Wayne to pay him back for the way he's treated her. There are further ups and downs - but Amanda eventually falls pregnant to Wayne and she ends up telling him that she loves him. Sadly, Amanda suffers a miscarriage - but PR man, Robin Elliott, who's around when Amanda is suffering the trauma, suggests to her that she continue to pretend she's carrying the baby, otherwise she and Wayne will miss out on the money from Dee's will. Amanda reluctantly agrees to go along with the plan. Robin, however, ends up blackmailing her and Wayne, once he finds out the truth, over their deception. She and Wayne decide to flee Sydney and start afresh in Adelaide.

Only a few days later, Wayne reads in a newspaper that his father, Gordon Hamilton, has been accused of assaulting a reporter. He and Amanda decide to return to Sydney to give Gordon their support.

Amanda decides to go on the pill, so that she doesn't fall pregnant again - but she doesn't tell Wayne. Unfortunately, Wayne does find out and reacts furiously. Amanda moves out of the marital home and in with Andy Green. A few weeks later, a drunk Wayne turns up and tells Amanda that she's his wife and she owes him a kid. He then rapes her...

Their marriage effectively over, Wayne and Amanda go their separate ways. It isn't long before Amanda meets Todd Fisher, the son of Dr. Irene Fisher. Todd and Amanda quickly fall in love - but Todd harbours a tragic secret: he has a terminal illness. The truth comes out, but as his condition deteriorates Todd decides to head overseas to Switzerland to die with dignity. He leaves Australia without warning. Amanda is broken-hearted.

It's Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell who provides a shoulder for Amanda to cry on - and it isn't long before Amanda begins another passionate affair - although things soon turn nasty: Amanda finds that she's pregnant and she enters a state of denial, convincing herself that the baby is Todd's, even though it's really Mitch's. Hot-headed Mitch has several rows with Amanda over the paternity of her child, but she always refuses to listen. Sadly, Amanda suffers another miscarriage.

Without the baby linking her to Mitch in any way, Amanda thinks she's escaped from him - but he then kidnaps her and holds her hostage at a shack in the middle of nowhere. Amanda ends up shooting Mitch accidentally, after she tries to grab a rifle Mitch is holding before heading out to kill something for them to eat. Amanda escapes from the shack and calls an ambulance for Mitch - but when the ambulancemen arrive, Mitch isn't there. He disappears, and Amanda is left wondering what happened to him.

There's a shock for Amanda when her mother, Caroline, comes back on the scene after several years away. However, the two don't have much of a chance to get to know each other: while Amanda is at Woombai, she overhears crooked building developer, Bill Ashley, talking about ripping off the property's investors. Ashley discovers her eavesdropping, grabs her and bundles her into a car.

It's a long time before Amanda's fate is discovered: Caroline spends ages trying to track her daughter down, only to learn eventually that Amanda had become involved in drugs and prostitution and had eventually died a grim death amidst a group of junkies.

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