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Caroline Morrell/Fletcher

Caroline Morrell

Caroline Morrell

Caroline Morrell

Caroline Fletcher

First Appearance: Episode 554 (1985)

Last Appearance:
Episode 971 (1987)

Known Family:
Husband - Stephen Morrell: divorced; Daughter - Amanda Morrell; Daughter - Samantha Morrell; Mother-in-law - Dee Morrell; Husband - Doug Fletcher

Key Relationships:
In a relationship with Ron Castle until Amanda comes back into her life; Fling with Gary Evans; Falls in love with and marries Doug Fletcher.

Key Storylines:
Glamorous Caroline Morrell was married to socialite, Stephen Morrell, for many years, and had two children with him: Samantha and Amanda. The couple eventually separated, however, and in early-1985 Caroline is in a new relationship, with a guy named Ron Castle. Ron is a lot more down-to-earth than Stephen, and Caroline tries to fit in with his lifestyle by playing the dowdy housewife - but secretly glamming herself up when Ron isn't around and she wants to go out. She hasn't seen her daughters for some time, when she spots Amanda while out shopping in Sydney. She initially tries to hide from her daughter, but curiosity gets the better of her and she goes to visit Amanda to get to know her again. When Ron finds out, he warns Caroline that he doesn't want her getting involved with her snobby family and friends again - but the rot sets in quickly and Caroline ends up choosing Stephen and Amanda over Ron.

Caroline is annoyed when she learns that Stephen is seeing another woman - Jenny Turner. She tries to take revenge by entering into a relationship with Wayne Hamilton - only Wayne treats her badly and she ends up shooting him! She then learns to her shock that the guy she thought was Wayne was actually a double called Gary Evans - but it was the real Wayne that she shot after he chose that moment to turn up at her apartment!

Having only recently got to know Amanda again, Caroline is stunned when her daughter disappears suddenly at Woombai. Her other daughter, Samantha, returns from overseas and starts helping Caroline with her enquiries into Amanda's disappearance. When she fails to find any clues to Amanda's whereabouts, Caroline turns to a psychic, Eloise Treece, for help after Eloise contacts Caroline and claims to have a message from Amanda. Sadly, Eloise turns out to be a fake - although Caroline finds it difficult to believe that she's been conned.

Caroline is horrified when (the real) Wayne discovers that Samantha - who had been involved with a cult in America when she was younger - appears on a pornographic videotape made by the cult while she was drugged-up and unaware of what she was being made to do. Wayne blackmails Caroline, demanding money to stop him revealing the tape's existence to Samantha. A desperate Caroline asks Ron for help: Ron sneaks into the Hamilton house at Dural to try and steal Wayne's evidence - but the plan goes wrong and Wayne catches him. A nervous Ron reacts badly to being sprung - and he uses a gun he's carrying to force Wayne and Caroline out to a shack in the middle of nowhere. He holds Caroline and Wayne captive for several days. When they're finally rescued, a lamp burning at the shack is knocked over and sets the place alight. Ron is killed in the ensuing fire.

A confused Caroline tries to help the gay Colin Turner come to terms with his sexuality: she seduces him to try and 'turn him' into a straight guy. The plan fails, though. A few weeks later, Caroline hears distressing news about Amanda: that she has turned to prostitution in order to find a drugs habit. Caroline decides to go undercover at the brothel where Amanda works - but all she finds out is that Amanda is no longer there. Further investigations leads Caroline to the shocking discovery that Amanda died recently amidst a group of junkies.

Looking for a new direction in her life, Caroline decides to get a job - but when she ends up dressed as a bunny, handing out leaflets, she's rather put-out! She determines to prove she's worth more by going after the owner of the shopping centre where she's working. She finds out that his name is Doug Fletcher and she confronts him. From that moment, it doesn't take long for a relationship to develop. Sadly, it doesn't last long, and when Doug is offered work in the US, the two of them agree that he should go.

Caroline gets into an argument with Alison Carr while the two women are in a car together. Alison is driving. Their argument becomes so heated that Alison doesn't notice a car heading straight towards them. The two vehicles collide and Caroline is knocked out. When she comes round, she's shocked to discover that she's sitting in the driver's seat and that Alison is nowhere to be seen. She's arrested and, when she stands trial, found guilty. She's sent to prison.

Upon her release, Caroline is astonished but delighted to discover that Doug has returned from America in order to be with her. However, Caroline has further traumas to deal with after an altercation with Wayne: he starts trying to convince people that she's mad - and ends up arranging for a fake doctor to commit her to a nursing home. Caroline manages to escape, but ends up in a fight with the owner of the nursing home, Mrs. Boyle, during which Mrs. Boyle plunges to her death from a factory roof.

Doug asks Caroline to marry him - and she says 'yes'! Problems soon ensue, however, when an American woman, Billie, turns up at Doug and Caroline's house and announces that she's Doug's wife! Billie tries to cause trouble for Doug and Caroline, but reveals eventually that she's been lying and that she and Doug just had a bit of fun together in the US. That isn't the end of Caroline and Doug's problems, though: they marry, but Caroline is then revealed as the author of a book entitled My Sister My Love, which is based very obviously on the lives of the Hamiltons and the Palmers, despite the changes of character names. Doug tries to stop Caroline promoting the book, warning her that they're going to lose all their friends - but Caroline ignores him. She even makes plans for a sequel. Meanwhile, Doug loses money in a failed business venture, making the couple's problems even worse.

Just as Caroline and Doug's marriage appears to be falling apart, Caroline discovers that she's pregnant; but she also learns that the baby could be born with Down's Syndrome. She opts to have an abortion - but then decides that she can't go through with it. She doesn't tell Doug that she's pregnant, but instead decides to leave him and start life afresh elsewhere. Doug learns about the pregnancy, though, and he chases after Caroline and tells her that he loves her, and that he wants her to have the baby and that he doesn't care if it's handicapped: he wants them all to be together as a family. A relieved Caroline agrees to give the marriage another go. Doug decides to reduce the risks he takes in business and buys a fish shop in Melbourne! It's a strange present, but he tells a happy Caroline that it's for her. The couple look forward to happy family life together.

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