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Samantha Morrell

Samantha Morrell

Samantha Morrell

Samantha Morrell

Samantha Morrell

First Appearance: Episode 587 (1985)

Last Appearance:
Episode 740 (1986)

Known Family:
Father - Stephen Morrell; Mother - Caroline Morrell; Sister - Amanda Morrell; Grandmother - Dee Morrell; Stepmother - Jenny Morrell; Stepbrother - Colin Turner; Stepsister - Denise Turner

Key Relationships:
Liaisons with Bill Ashley and Chris Bainbridge.

Key Storylines:
Samantha Morrell is travelling overseas when she meets Irene Fisher in Italy. She returns to Australia with Irene, bringing with her the shocking news that Roland Armstrong - Barbara Hamilton's 'late' first husband - is actually still alive.

Moving up to Woombai, it doesn't take long for Samantha to become romantically involved with crooked businessman, Bill Ashley, at Woombai. When Samantha's sister, Amanda, disappears, Samantha soon begins to suspect that Bill is behind it. Bill flees once the finger of suspicion is turned on him by more people.

Samantha discovers to her horror that she was sexually abused by members of a cult she was brainwashed into joining when younger - and, worse, that a video exists of the abuse, which occurred while she was drugged. Samantha - with the help of Andy Green - tracks down the man behind the cult, Lloyd Donovan, and offers to pay him to destroy the tape. Donovan, however, is in poor health and tells Samantha that she can have the tape. Unfortunately for Samantha, Leigh Palmer then gets hold of the tape and switches it with a family movie, meaning Samantha's abuse is aired to a wider audience.

Samantha lands a job working as receptionist to Irene Fisher at her doctor's surgery. She also begins a romance with Chris Bainbridge - but has to cope with the unwanted attentions of Leo Walsh, a guy with learning difficulties who Chris befriends through his work at Crossley House. Samantha helps Chris over his bigotry towards foreign immigrants: a bigotry that is demonstrated all-too-clearly towards Nguyen Hung, a teenager brought to Australia by Fiona Thompson. After Chris's father, Colonel Bainbridge, commits suicide, Chris moves away to Perth with his mother, leaving Samantha single again.

To Samantha's shock, she spots Bill Ashley one day, digging up a road. She and Caroline approach him to try and find out what happened to Amanda. He demands money, and Caroline reluctantly hands it over. To her and Samantha's horror, he then reveals that Amanda became hooked on drugs and had turned to prostitution. By the time Caroline actually locates her daughter - Samantha's sister - Amanda is dead.

After a few months, Samantha leaves Australia and heads to New Zealand to be with her father, Stephen, and his sick wife, Jenny.

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