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Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

First Appearance: Episode 1 (1982)

Last Appearance:
Episode 466 (1984)

Known Family:
Father - David Palmer; Mother - Beryl Palmer; Stepbrother - John Palmer; Sister - Susan Palmer/Todd/Hamilton; Wife - Lynn Hardy; Son - Davey Palmer; Grandfather - Doug Palmer; Step-Grandmother - Rosie Palmer; Father-in-Law - Victor Hardy; Mother-in-Law - Muriel Hardy

Key Relationships:
Marriage to Lynn Hardy; Liaison with Sharon Holland in El Abib

Key Storylines:
Kevin gets his girlfriend, Lynn Hardy, pregnant. The two of them marry and Lynn gives birth to a baby the couple name David Ernest - known as Davey.

Lynn lands some work as a model, but Kevin is reluctant for her to take it. After he sees how much it means to her, he supports her in going for it - but he's horrified when he then discovers that the work is going to take Lynn across Australia and overseas. Kevin tries to put his foot down to stop her from going, but Lynn defies him and takes Davey out of the country. Kevin resigns himself to his marriage being over.

Three months later, Lynn returns to Australia, but tells Kevin that there's no chance for them if he won't accept her modelling career. Things are complicated further when a Frenchman, Phillipe Souchon, turns up. Lynn explains to Kevin that she met Phillipe while modelling in France and she assures him that they're just friends; however, he learns later that Lynn had an affair with Phillipe and he turns to Amanda Morrell on the rebound. Lynn tells him that she wants a divorce - and Kevin agrees. It's only after Phillipe returns to France that Kevin realises he's in danger of throwing everything away and he tells Lynn that he doesn't want a divorce. They eventually reconcile.

Kevin lands himself a job that he enjoys working for Stephen Morrell - but after Stephen's mother, Dee Morrell, dies, and Wayne Hamilton takes over her affairs, he gives Kevin the sack. Beryl talks Wayne into giving Kevin his job back. Wayne agrees - and a few weeks later, much to Kevin's surprise, he receives the offer of a job working as a stockbroker in London. He and Lynn agree to move to the UK - although Kevin ends up moving on his own, initially, after Davey develops a cold just before they're due to fly. Lynn joins him a couple of weeks later, but ends up flying back to Australia after Andy Green becomes involved with a cult: she is seen as the only person who can help him.

Meanwhile, Kevin is asked by his employers to go to El Abib, in the Middle East, for nine weeks. He suggests to Lynn that she stay in Australia during his tenure there, so that she isn't lonely in London. While in El Abib, Kevin becomes close to one of his fellow employees, Sharon Holland. Their relationship turns into an affair, and Kevin tells Sharon that he'll leave Lynn and marry her. Everything is turned on its head, however, when El Abib is subjected to a bombing and guerilla warfare. Kevin survives the bomb attack, but, to his horror, Sharon is killed.

Kevin is rescued and put on a 'plane back to Australia - only to suffer hearing loss during the flight. In Melbourne, the problem is diagnosed as a psychological response to what he's experienced. There's a further shock for Kevin when Sharon's identical twin sister, Nikki, turns up on the Palmers' doorstep. Treating her inadvertently as a substitute for Sharon, Kevin begins falling for her and pushing Lynn away. He even tells Nikki that he loved Sharon - only to discover that Lynn has overheard this confession. Lynn gives him an ultimatum: he either makes an effort to meet her halfway or their marriage is over.

It takes an appointment with a psychiatrist for Kevin to realise what he's putting in jeopardy. He tells Lynn that he has to return to London and he wants her to come with him. After everything that's happened, Lynn is reluctant - especially as she's become involved with Andy Green - but just as Kevin is about to head off to the airport, Lynn makes a decision and tells Andy that she's sorry but she, Kevin and Davey are a family. Beryl buys the three of them a short holiday in Tahiti and they set off to resume family life and make a fresh start together.

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