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Lynn Hardy/Palmer

Lynn Hardy

Lynn Palmer

Lynn Palmer

Lynn Palmer

First Appearance: Episode 5 (1982)

Last Appearance:
Episode 466 (1984)

Known Family:
Father - Vic Hardy; Mother - Muriel Hardy; Husband - Kevin Palmer; Son - Davey Palmer; Father-in-Law - David Palmer; Mother-in-Law - Beryl Palmer

Key Relationships:
Marriage to Kevin Palmer; Affair with Andy Green

Key Storylines:
Lynn falls pregnant to her boyfriend, Kevin Palmer. She and Kevin marry and Lynn gives birth - a month early - to a baby son who she and Kevin name David Ernest Palmer - known as Davey.

Charlie Bartlett suggests to Lynn that she has potential as a model. She puts Lynn onto an agent and it doesn't take long for Lynn to land her first assignment. Her profile in the industry rockets quickly and she's soon asked to undertake assignments elsewhere in Australia and then in Europe. Kevin tries to put his foot down, insisting that his wife stay at home and look after their son, but Lynn tells him that her modelling career is important to her, and she ends up taking Davey away from Kevin and heading overseas.

Three months later, Lynn returns to Australia and she and Kevin gradually being to get back on-track. However, Lynn is in for a shock when a guy named Phillipe Souchon turns up in Melbourne: Lynn had an affair with him in Paris. After Kevin lands a job working for Stephen Morrell, Lynn and Phillipe start spending time together again, in order to help Lynn pass the time without her husband. Kevin finds out about the affair in France and, when Lynn refuses to throw Phillipe out, walks out on her. Phillipe eventually leaves Australia when he learns that his aunt is very ill and he heads back to Paris.

After finding themselves on the brink of divorce, Kevin and Lynn reunite, realising they owe it to themselves and Davey to give things another go - and when Kevin is offered a job in London, he and Lynn decide to move overseas. Lynn is delayed, however, when Davey develops a cold just before the family is due to fly, and she decides to linger in Australia while Kevin flies ahead. A short time later, Lynn meets Andy Green - and there's an immediate attraction. She and Andy end up kissing - but Lynn realises she couldn't look at Kevin ever again if she let things go further with Andy. She leaves Australia and flies over to the UK to be with her husband.

After only a few weeks, Lynn receives a 'phone call from her brother-in-law, John Palmer, who tells her that Andy has joined a cult and is in trouble; John thinks she's the only person who can help. Lynn agrees to try. Barbara Hamilton pays for her to fly back to Australia.

Lynn finds Andy locked in a room at the Woombai homestead, having been put in there by Stephen Morrell, who 'kidnapped' him from the farm where he was being manipulated by the cult. Andy is initially very antagonistic towards Lynn and he almost rapes her when the two of them are left alone in Andy's room. Andy then escapes and Lynn chases after him - only to find herself in the clutches of death after she slips off some high rocks into a waterhole several hundred feet below. She survives, though - and seeing her almost die brings Andy to his senses.

Kevin is transferred to Saudi Arabia for a few weeks and tells Lynn to stay in Australia so that she's not left alone in London. Lynn returns to Melbourne and decides to try and get back into modelling - but discovers that the modelling world has changed. She develops anorexia as she tries to lose more and more weight. Deciding that she's missing Andy, she heads up to Sydney to see him. However, when she gets there, she overhears him telling a guest at a party that he's with Amanda Morrell now. Horrified, Lynn contemplates suicide over the way her life is disintegrating. She eventually decides, however, that she can't go through with it. Dr. Irene Fisher helps her recover from her mental traumas and from her anorexia.

To Lynn's horror, Kevin is caught up in an explosion in the town in which he's working, El Abib. He survives, but by the time he returns to Australia he's lost his hearing as a result of the trauma. Lynn also has to face discovering that Kevin had fallen in love with one of his colleagues in El Abib, Sharon Holland. When Kevin meets Andy and sees the looks that he and Lynn share, he tells Lynn that he knows she's had an affair with Andy and wants nothing more to do with her.

Lynn looks forward to a future with Andy - but just before Kevin is about to return to London, he visits Lynn and tells her that he wants her to come with him. Lynn, however, tells him that she's going away with Andy; she has to start thinking of herself and Davey. To her surprise, Kevin accepts this and tells her that he hopes she's happy. He adds that, after what he's put her through, she deserves to be. It's only when Lynn takes Davey to say goodbye to Kevin that she realises that what she's doing is wrong. She has to tell Andy that she's sorry, but Kevin is Davey's father and they're a family; she's fought too hard for her marriage to give up now. To her and Kevin's surprise and delight, Beryl pays for the two of them and Davey to have a few days' holiday in Tahiti, and the three of them leave Australia to make a fresh start.

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