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Tony Parker

Tony Parker

Tony Parker

Tony Parker

Tony Parker

First Appearance: Episode 255 (1983)

Last Appearance:
Episode 462 (1984)

Known Family:
Father - Joe Parker (d. 1983); Mother - Alice Parker; Brother - Dennis Parker; Sister - Shirley Parker

Key Relationships:
Romance with Shelley Barton.

Key Storylines:
Tony grew up at the Parker family home with his father, Joe, mother, Alice, brother, Dennis and sister, Shirley. Joe was a career criminal and Tony looked up to him as an example of how to get through life. Joe was also a violent drunk, though, who hit Alice whenever she managed to upset him. Shirley Parker was so upset at the way her mother was treated that she moved out to live with her aunt. As Tony grew up, he became involved in petty crime and spent more time in boys' homes between the ages of 8 and 18 than he did at his actual home.

Tony meets David Palmer in Pentridge Prison: Tony is on remand for stealing a TV while David is being held accused of murdering Martin Healy. The two become close and when both are eventually released, David invites Tony to live with him and Beryl. David arranges a job for Tony at The Terrace coffee shop.

Kevin Palmer makes it clear that he doesn't like Tony - and when Tony is left to look after Kevin and Lynn's baby son, Davey, and he catches pneumonia because he's left to lie in the rain, the tension between the two young men increases. Tony decides he's caused enough trouble for the Palmers, and runs away. David tracks him down back at his parents' and suggests they spend some time away from Melbourne. They end up at Woombai, where Tony meets some guys who invite him to join their rodeo. David expresses reservations, but Tony is enthusiastic and takes the job.

It's not long, though, before Tony receives a call from his mother, saying that she's left Tony's father, Joe - but he's hanging around outside her new apartment, hassling her. Tony decides to return to Melbourne and moves in with his mother, to look after her. From there, events escalate when Joe accuses Alice of having an affair with David Palmer. Tony comes up with a plan to get his father off his mother's back: he agrees to carry out a robbery with Joe, but arranges for the police to turn up and arrest him. Joe is put in jail. Meanwhile, Tony and Alice move up to Woombai, where they feel safe from Joe's clutches.

Unfortunately, Joe escapes from jail and tracks Tony and Alice, together with David and Beryl, down to Woombai. He uses a gun to hold them hostage - but when Terry Hansen causes a distraction, Alice grabs the weapon and fires four shots at Joe. Joe dies as a result of his injuries. Alice is released on bail for the killing.

While staying at Woombai, waiting for Alice's case to be heard, Tony meets 17-year-old Shelley Barton. They become close, but after the Barton family home is destroyed in a bush fire, Mr. Barton decides to move the family to the city. Shelley turns up again in Sydney, where Alice's trial is being held. She meets up with some other kids at The Cross, and ends up moving into a squat to live with them, much to Tony's horror.

Alice is cleared of murdering Joe Parker, and she lands a job in Lorne. Tony decides to move there with her, Shirley and Dennis, meaning the whole family is together again. Apart from a brief disruption when Jeff O'Brien asks Tony to hide him while on the run from home, Tony enjoys a happy new life with his mother, brother and sister.

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