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Episode 3

John Palmer (masquerading as "Scott Edwards") with Jill Taylor; he's holding Angela Hamilton after she's fallen off her horse.

Episode 4

"Scott" saying goodbye to Angela at the Hamilton mansion, Dural.

Episode 5

"Scott" looking uncomfortable at not knowing the correct etiquette for a meal with the Hamiltons.

Episode 6

Beryl crying after talking to John on the 'phone; he's on the run for murder.

Episode 7

John looking pleased that he has a mate who will help him clear his name: Bill Todd.

Episode 8

Bill Todd after telephoning the police and giving them the name of the hotel where John is staying.

Episode 9

Bill looking guilty while cuddling his fiancée, Susan Palmer.

Episode 10

David Palmer after his father, Doug, has told him to do something about his son, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Lynn Hardy, or Kevin will end up making as big a mess of his life as David.

Episode 11

Fiona Thompson with John Palmer; Fiona has just told John that Angela Hamilton is his sister.

Episode 12

Wayne Hamilton sobbing because, according to his father, Gordon, he's useless.


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