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Episode 13

David about to head into Fiona's boarding house, where, unknown to him, John is staying.

Episode 14

Angela looking worried about her decision to marry Simon Armstrong.

Episode 15

Susan Todd looking stunned at her husband, Bill's, brutality: he's just shot a rabbit and, when he found it wasn't dead, hit it several times with the butt of his rifle.

Episode 16

David looking annoyed after finding Kevin and Lynn in bed together.

Episode 17

Patricia looking stunned at realising that "Scott" is her son.

Episode 18

"Scott" talking to Angela; Barbara has just told Wayne that she's sure she recognises "Scott" from a news report...

Episode 19

Angela looking at a file of newspaper clippings given to her by Wayne that suggest "Scott" is wanted for murder.

Episode 20

Nora Todd - Bill's mother - realising that Bill is responsible for Sam Selmar's death.

Episode 21

Bill watching Susan drive off; he's standing outside the doors of the police station, about to turn himself in.

Episode 22

John looking upset after telling Angela - who doesn't know that he's her brother - that he's not interested in her, doesn't love her and never has.


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