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Episode 23

John and Bill placing their hands against each other's, separated by the glass in the visitor's area at the prison where Bill is being held.

Episode 24

Angela walking out of Dural, carrying a packed bag and having left a note on the hall table.

Episode 25

Wayne looking pleased with himself after being caught by Angela semi-naked with Jill and then arranging to two-time Jill with another girlfriend, Jackie Ingleton.

Episode 26

Patricia after telling Fiona to get John up to Sydney, no matter what the cost.

Episode 27

David and Angela hugging; Angela has just learnt that David is her father.

Episode 28

Beryl after telling Susan that she's always been scared that John's mother might turn up, but having Angela there as well could be even worse...

Episode 29

Beryl smiling in delight that Angela has found herself a job.

Episode 30

Beryl looking disappointed after reading a letter from Lynn to Kevin.

Episode 31

Patricia looking thoughtful after David tells her that he's coming up to Sydney on a job and wants to see her.

Episode 32

Kevin and Lynn smiling at each other happily after their parents reluctantly agree to let them marry and raise the baby Lynn is expecting.


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