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Episode 43

David looking guilty after Beryl accuses him of only wanting to buy a new house to keep up with the Hamiltons.

Episode 44

Susan looking furious after catching Stevie Ryan reading some of her personal letters.

Episode 45

Beryl looking worried after David tells her that what they have is a lot, but it's not everything...

Episode 46

David hugging Angela and laughing about the fact that, although she feels like a nuisance living with the Palmers, she's at least got out of the awful uniform she was wearing in her job as a receptionist now that she's been given the sack!

Episode 47

Beryl looking worried after David tells her that he's going to take the offer of work in Sydney, and if she doesn't like it, she can lump it.

Episode 48

Susan with her solicitor's arm around her; she's sobbing as Bill is led away to start a long prison sentence after being found guilty of murder.

Episode 49

Patricia holding a new dress against herself and looking in the mirror; she has just invited David to join the Hamiltons for a barbecue...

Episode 50

Patricia looking stony-faced after Gordon tells her that he wants a divorce.

Episode 51

Fiona looking astonished but delighted after her former lover, Scott Thompson, turns up at the Reid House near Woombai.

Episode 52

Fiona sobbing after telling Scott that she used to be a prostitute; Scott has just asked to see the grave of the son he's just discovered she gave birth to after they split up in the 1950s.


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