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Episode 53

Patricia after snapping at David to call her 'Mrs. Hamilton' during work hours; she's just taken over as project manager for the development of Woombai, and David has taken on work as a labourer during a transport strike.

Episode 54

Patricia and David kissing in the waterhole near Woombai...

Episode 55

Angela looking worried after learning that Gordon and Patricia have split up.

Episode 56

Beryl after telling Angela that, if something's going on between David and Patricia, she'll fight for him; she doesn't know how, but she'll fight for him.

Episode 57

Beryl telling Patricia that David will be home in two weeks, so Patricia can see how much hold she has over him then.

Episode 58

Patricia after telling Charlie Bartlett that she's going to make David stay with her.

Episode 59

Angela and Mick Ryan crying about Mick's son, Stevie, having to have an operation for a brain tumour.

Episode 60

Angela looking stunned after Mick has just told her that Stevie has died.

Episode 61

Patricia and David after telling each other that they don't want anybody else...

Episode 62

Jill looking shocked after Scott Thompson has told her to let her friendship with Fiona lapse.


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