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Episode 63

Beryl looking worried after Angela tells her that she's going to Sydney even though John's up there.

Episode 64

David and Beryl hugging at the Palmer house after David realised that he couldn't leave his wife after all.

Episode 65

Patricia being held by Charlie as she sobs that she loved David so much and is going to make him very sorry for leaving her...

Episode 66

Angela watching from the stairs at Dural as John kisses Prue Armstrong.

Episode 67

Patricia looking grateful after Angela tells her that the two of them can try and sort things out.

Episode 68

Kevin looking shocked as he overhears Beryl talking to Fiona about David having an affair with Patricia while he was in Sydney.

Episode 69

Patricia, drunk and depressed following an argument with John about the way she interferes in his and Angela's lives.

Episode 70

David looking at Kevin, who is storming off following an argument about the way David has been treating Beryl.

Episode 71

Beryl bursting into tears as David stands there; Kevin and Lynn have just packed their bags and moved out due to Kevin's disgust at his father's affair.

Episode 72

Patricia smiling in glee as she tells Charlie that David and Beryl are going to help her get exactly what she wants...


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