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Episode 73

David after Beryl tells him that Kevin is going the best way to ruin his future and that he's got to do something about it - because if he doesn't, he may as well have stayed with Patricia.

Episode 74

Patricia looking annoyed after Fiona warns her not to hurt the Palmers or she'll tell everyone about how Patricia got Gordon his start in business.

Episode 75

Kevin after throwing away his scrapbook of articles that he wrote for the school newspaper.

Episode 76

Kevin after telling Rob Keegan that he'll see David.

Episode 77

Kevin and Lynn hugging after Kevin agrees to see David again for Beryl's sake.

Episode 78

Wayne left stranded in his wheelchair in the middle of a field after telling John - who was pushing him - that he's not wanted.

Episode 79

David after Gordon has warned him not to push his luck and try to give him advice.

Episode 80

Patricia telling Gordon that she has no desire to see David again - ever.

Episode 81

Patricia smiling nastily after telling Prue Armstrong that she doesn't think John will get the job he's applied for...

Episode 82

Angela after telling Prue that she's never going to have John as long as she's around - which will be a damn sight longer than Prue will be.


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