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Episode 83

David hugging Beryl in delight as she tells him that she thinks she may be pregnant.

Episode 84

Patricia, standing with Charlie, looking flabbergasted after Rob Keegan cheekily tells her that he won't say a word to Angela about her and David.

Episode 85

Patricia smiling in delight as she tells Charlie that she's got Gordon back and that Barbara Armstrong is out of the picture.

Episode 86

Barbara looking annoyed after Patricia tells her that all she can do is get in the way between her and Gordon.

Episode 87

John warning Rob to back off and not ruin Angela's life.

Episode 88

Jill looking horrified as a bulldozer crushes the gravestone at Woombai marking the spot where Fiona's baby was buried.

Episode 89

Fiona breaking down in tears after learning from Gordon about the destruction of her baby's grave.

Episode 90

Patricia after telling Charlie that she'll do anything to make sure she doesn't become poor again.

Episode 91

Patricia looking devious after convincing James Sheppard to move out of Fiona's boarding house and into Dural.

Episode 92

Jill crying uncontrollably after Wayne breaks up with her when he discovers that she used to be a prostitute.


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