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Episode 93

Patricia after deciding against calling Fiona to tell her that James is near to death.

Episode 94

Patricia glaring at Wayne as he walks off after asking exactly how good a friend James Sheppard was to her...

Episode 95

Patricia after telling Charlie that she gets the feeling that whatever is in James' will is going to mean that her troubles with Fiona are just beginning.

Episode 96

Patricia, expressionless after James Sheppard's solicitor tells her that she's just become a very wealthy woman.

Episode 97

John after Beryl tells him that she doesn't like the way he's changed since he met Patricia and that, unless he bucks his ideas up, maybe he should move out of the Palmer house.

Episode 98

Patricia glaring at David as he walks away from her; she's just threatened that she makes a much better friend than an enemy.

Episode 99

Fiona after ordering Patricia out of the boarding house.

Episode 100

Patricia after telling Hal Mason that she's very keen to help David Palmer...

Episode 101

Prue Armstrong after John dumps her.

Episode 102

Kevin holding Lynn after she's threatened by Noel Devlin.


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