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Episode 103

Rob and Angela after Rob has asked Angela to marry him and she's said yes.

Episode 104

David and Beryl looking worried as David vows to give Rob and Angela the wedding they want.

Episode 105

Gordon looking startled as Fiona tells him that she's the new owner of Woombai.

Episode 106

Gordon looking shocked after Fiona tells him that Patricia and James Sheppard were lovers for years and years.

Episode 107

John holding Jill after she has a confrontation with Wayne.

Episode 108

Angela looking unconvinced after Rob tells her that her past doesn't worry him.

Episode 109

John looking perplexed after his kissing Jill caused her to run off and snap that he's as bad as everybody else.

Episode 110

John looking worried as he senses that something has happened to Angela.

Episode 111

Gordon after ordering David out of Dural; the two men have been arguing about which one of them Angela sees as her father.

Episode 112

Paul Sheppard sitting in Fiona's room at the boarding house; she's just told him that she feels she's scored quite a coup having him turn up out of the blue...


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