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Episode 113

Angela looking confused after meeting Paul Sheppard (who's taken a job as a gardener at Dural and is masquerading as Paul Clark).

Episode 114

Angela and Rob after being caught about to elope.

Episode 115

Barbara Armstrong looking upset after Gordon tells her that they shouldn't see each other for a while, until he decides what to do about Patricia.

Episode 116

Patricia threatening David that there won't be any problems with the wedding plans - if he's reasonable...

Episode 117

Patricia after Beryl tells her that she hasn't a hope in hell of getting David back, so she shouldn't waste her time trying.

Episode 118

Paul looking anguished after Angela tells him that, if he wants to come to her and Rob's wedding, that's up to him.

Episode 119

Rosie Andrews after telling Patricia that she's going to do everything she can to make sure Gordon wakes up to her.

Episode 120

Patricia smiling as she tells Angela that David is going on Rob's buck's night, so things couldn't have worked out better...

Episode 121

John looking stunned as he overhears Rob talking to Wayne about Patricia and David's affair.

Episode 122

John and David after saying they still love each other despite David's affair.


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