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Episode 123

Beryl looking horrified as she tells Susan to call the doctor - she thinks something is terribly wrong...

Episode 124

Beryl, lying in a hospital bed after suffering a miscarriage and crying out for David.

Episode 125

Patricia looking astounded as, at Rob and Angela's wedding, Hal Mason tells her that the gardener, Paul Clark, is actually Paul Sheppard.

Episode 126

David after Beryl tells him that she wants him to get out and never come back.

Episode 127

Rob looking stunned after Angela runs out on their honeymoon, telling him that she made a huge mistake marrying him.

Episode 128

Kevin and David hugging after Kevin tells his father that he hopes things work out between him and Beryl.

Episode 129

David after Beryl tells him that she's leaving Melbourne and going to Sydney to live with Fiona and make a new life for herself.

Episode 130

Patricia after Paul tells her that he knows she's been aware of who he is since the wedding, and he wants to know what the hell she's playing at.

Episode 131

Angela squeezing Paul's hand after Paul bares his soul about his relationship with his father.

Episode 132

Beryl looking furious after John brings Patricia to see her at Fiona's boarding house.


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