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Episode 133

Fiona looking shocked after Paul tells her that he thinks it's about time he made his own choice between her and Patricia.

Episode 134

Patricia looking annoyed as Hal Mason tells her that he's giving David the sack from his job in charge of the men at 'Southern Freight', and that there's nothing she can do about it.

Episode 135

Patricia after telling Charlie that, by the time she's finished with Beryl and Gordon, the kids won't want to know them, but they'll cheer when she and David get together.

Episode 136

Hal Mason kissing Di Miller.

Episode 137

Kevin holding Lynn as she tells him that she's gone into labour.

Episode 138

Kevin hugging Susan and David in delight after becoming a father.

Episode 139

Beryl after Hal Mason has asked her out for dinner.

Episode 140

Paul and Angela kissing...

Episode 141

Angela leaving Dural to head overseas with Charlie, in order to escape her problems.

Episode 142

Patricia after Rob has angrily asked her why she's said she's sorry about him and Angela when she's got everything she wanted.


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