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Episode 143

David looking disappointed after Patricia tells him that Beryl is seeing someone in Sydney.

Episode 144

Rob staring at Angela in bewilderment; she's just turned up at the Palmer house in Melbourne.

Episode 145

Beryl smiling at a shocked Patricia; she's just told her that Angela is back in Melbourne.

Episode 146

Patricia after a confrontation with Rob: he's told her that he thinks she's a bit round the twist.

Episode 147

Beryl looking thoughtful after Lindy Mason tells her that she wishes Beryl was divorced, as she and Hal seem to be very happy together.

Episode 148

Patricia after Gordon tells her to either go along with what he wants or she can pack her bags and get out.

Episode 149

Di Miller and John kissing after John suggests that they could live together.

Episode 150

John looking annoyed as he sees Beryl and Hal and Lindy Mason looking happy together.

Episode 151

Beryl after Fiona tells her that she, David and the children were such a happy family and can be again.

Episode 152

Kevin looking upset after Beryl - who's back in Melbourne - tells him that she can't go in and confront Patricia, who's staying with David at the Palmer house.


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