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Episode 153

David after Beryl tells him that they both know where they stand; she's going to go back to Sydney and this time she'll stay there.

Episode 154

Beryl with Hal Mason in the kitchen back at Fiona's boarding house in Sydney; Mason has just asked her if she feels the same way about him as he does about her; Beryl has pointed out that she didn't have to call him...

Episode 155

David looking shocked at discovering that John is his new boss.

Episode 156

Hal Mason telling Beryl that he really does need her.

Episode 157

Patricia asking David whether, after her divorce from Gordon, they have a chance together.

Episode 158

Fiona looking shocked after Beryl tells her that the police have found Hal Mason's body.

Episode 159

David after telling his children and Rob that, whatever he and Patricia decide to do, they all have to accept it.

Episode 160

Rob looking at a photo of a small child, sent to him by an old flame, Kerry Mitchell.

Episode 161

Rob holding Angela, who's sobbing after learning that she can't have children.

Episode 162

David and Patricia after David warns Patricia not to try to take over - because he won't let her.


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