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Episode 163

David turning up at Fiona's boarding house with photos from Davey's christening and asking Beryl if she's going to let him in.

Episode 164

Beryl and David hugging after David asks Beryl to come back to him.

Episode 165

Beryl, Kevin and Lynn after Beryl has moved home and ordered Patricia out of the house.

Episode 166

John hugging a distraught Patricia as she begs him not to leave her.

Episode 167

Kevin taking an exam at school; he's just spotted a teacher coming up behind him as he was about to cheat.

Episode 168

Angela looking shocked as she realises that the child she's holding is Rob's daughter by Kerry Mitchell, Domine.

Episode 169

Rob looking shocked as Fiona tells him that Kerry has gone and has left Domine behind.

Episode 170

Gordon and Barbara looking happy after Gordon has asked Barbara to marry him when his divorce is through, and Barbara has said yes.

Episode 171

Rob and Angela looking happy after Angela has suggested that they can take Domine back to Melbourne with them.

Episode 172

Patricia sitting on the couch at Toorak; Charlie has just walked out, telling her that, if things blow up in Patricia's face, she won't be there.


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