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Episode 173

Angela after throwing away presents given to her by Patricia for Domine.

Episode 174

Angela and John at their 21st birthday party at the Palmer house. (1982 season finale)

Episode 175

Doug Palmer and Beryl looking shocked after David has grabbed Doug's shirt collars in anger at Doug telling David that he was a real no-hoper in the '60s and that he's surprised he ever got together with Patricia.

Episode 176

Patricia after she's asked David what he's going to do about the fact that he's learnt that he's not the twins' father, and he's told her that, whatever he does, he doesn't give a damn whether she's hurt or not.

Episode 177

Patricia lying in bed, having taken an overdose of sleeping pills...

Episode 178

David telling John that he's not his and Angela's father.

Episode 179

John after telling David that he's going to find his real father.

Episode 180

John looking at Margaret Dunne's house.

Episode 181

Patricia looking haggard and upset; Margaret has just been to visit her and has told her that, if John finds his father, it won't be through her.

Episode 182

John standing outside Margaret's house; Margaret has just told him that his father didn't care whether he was dead or alive 22 years ago, and she's sure he won't care now.


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