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Episode 183

Gordon looks at Barbara in concern after Barbara's daughter, Wendy - who was unaware of their relationship - has caught them being affectionate towards each other.

Episode 184

Wayne looking at Patricia in delight after taking advantage of her depressed state to get her to sign over her power-of-attorney to him.

Episode 185

Gordon looking relieved after receiving a vote of confidence from the members of the Ramberg board.

Episode 186

John, meeting his father, Martin Healy, for the first time.

Episode 187

John as he notices Patricia staring at him following another meeting with Martin Healy; Patricia had warned him to stay away from Martin.

Episode 188

John comforting Patricia after she tells him the full story about her, David and Martin in the 1960s.

Episode 189

Patricia and John looking at Martin, who has just told them that they're not moving until they get some sort of agreement about what really happened 22 years ago.

Episode 190

Gordon after telling Wendy that Barbara loves him and is moving into Dural; Wendy can either accept it or cut out completely - it's up to her.

Episode 191

Fiona looking worried after Kerry decides that Domine is coming back home with her and Rob is going to have to give her up whether he likes it or not.

Episode 192

Rob looking annoyed as Kerry tells Domine that she has come to take her home.


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