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Episode 193

David after Patricia asks him not to take out the way he feels about her on John.

Episode 194

David looking at Martin Healy, who has just turned up at the Palmer house.

Episode 195

Barbara clutching her head in agony.

Episode 196

Rob as Angela tells him that he's got to decide whether he loves Domine enough to give her up.

Episode 197

Rob and Angela hugging; Rob has just told Angela that they can still adopt a child one day and will make good parents.

Episode 198

Gordon and Barbara; Barbara has just told Gordon that she has a blood clot in her brain and could keel over any minute.

Episode 199

Patricia looking at Martin as he tells her that they'll get there in their rekindled relationship.

Episode 200

John looking frustrated as Angela tells him that if he wants to give Martin a go, then go ahead, but count her out.

Episode 201

Patricia and Martin kissing.

Episode 202

Patricia with a sly expression on her face after telling Wayne that it's time they knocked Paul Sheppard out of the running at Ramberg - and to hell with the consequences.


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