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Episode 203

Wendy Armstrong looking annoyed after an argument with Paul over whether he should return to the seminary to train as a priest.

Episode 204

Lynn looking shocked and upset as Kevin tells her to give up modelling and do what she's supposed to do: stay at home and look after their child.

Episode 205

Kevin after Lynn tells him that she's going on a round-the-world modelling trip, and if he comes, that's great, but she's going, and if he doesn't like it, that's too bad.

Episode 206

Patricia after Gordon announces that he's resigning from Ramberg after she has spent a fortune buying Ramberg shares.

Episode 207

Kevin looking horrified after David tells him that Lynn has shot through, taking Davey with her.

Episode 208

John and Jill smiling happily; John has just asked Jill to marry him and she's said yes.

Episode 209

Kevin holding baby Davey; Peter Healy has just kidnapped him back from Lynn.

Episode 210

Gordon looking worried as Wendy calls him at Ramberg to tell him that Barbara has had a relapse.

Episode 211

Jill looking worried as she tells Fiona on the 'phone that she's just met some of Martin's airforce mates, and one of them's an ex-client from her days as a prostitute...

Episode 212

Martin warning Patricia that he's going to break up John and Jill, and if she does anything to stop him, it'll be the finish of them for starters.


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