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Episode 213

Beryl hugging Kevin after he tells her that he still loves Lynn, even though she's left him.

Episode 214

Jill facing up to John entering the Australian Air Force, and her having to leave him because of her past as a prostitute.

Episode 215

John raising his glass after Martin Healy proposes a toast to a long and successful career in the Air Force.

Episode 216

Kevin after tearing up a letter from Lynn and declaring his marriage is over.

Episode 217

Darren Brooks staring at Angela intently in the kitchen of what will become The Terrace.

Episode 218

Jill lying asleep on the couch at Woombai, after Brian O'Donnel has been standing over her, watching her.

Episode 219

Martin Healy looking shocked as he hugs his adopted daughter, Jennifer; she has just told him that she's pregnant.

Episode 220

Patricia helping Wayne, who has just been attacked by Paul Sheppard at Toorak.

Episode 221

Paul and Angela kissing on the balcony of Jill's flat in Melbourne.

Episode 222

Patricia after Paul Sheppard has just threatened to destroy her.


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