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Episode 223

Patricia after Margaret tells her that she's been thrown out of her house and is going to collect what's owing to her.

Episode 224

Margaret, looking envious after stroking and smelling Patricia's fur coat.

Episode 225

Wayne after he tries to make Margaret get him a drink, but she tells him to get his own drinks from now on.

Episode 226

Patricia looking shocked after Margaret reveals that Martin Healy was having an affair with both of them at the same time in 1961.

Episode 227

Patricia looking smug after telling Wayne that she's decided to marry Martin Healy.

Episode 228

Patricia looking matter-of-fact after telling Wayne that she's going to help Jennifer Healy have an abortion.

Episode 229

Patricia looking disinterested after Martin has found out that his adopted daughter, Jennifer, had an abortion, and that his son, Adam, was the baby's father.

Episode 230

Brian O'Donnel being challenged by Bert Wilkins over the photo in his wallet that looks as if it's of Jill Taylor.

Episode 231

Patricia looking smug after telling Wayne that she's going to kill three birds with one stone.

Episode 232

Peter Healy after his father has told him that a three-year-old girl drowned in their swimming pool because Peter didn't get the broken catch on the gate fixed.


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