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Episode 233

Angela hugging Peter Healy after his father punches him in the face following the drowning in the swimming pool.

Episode 234

Peter Healy after his father brutally punished him for the drowning by holding him under the water and then kicking him in the face.

Episode 235

Jill fast asleep at Fiona's boarding house, oblivious to the fire raging behind her in the kitchen.

Episode 236

Brian O'Donnel after Jill has suggested the two of them get married so that he can stay in Australia.

Episode 237

David Palmer after Martin Healy has punched him in the mouth while trying to find Peter.

Episode 238

Patricia after Margaret threatens to tell Martin that Patricia isn't going to go ahead with their wedding.

Episode 239

Paul and Angela kissing after realising they can't fight their attraction to each other.

Episode 240

Wayne after overhearing Jill and Brian talking secretly about getting married.

Episode 241

Beryl looking worried after having to lie to Rob to cover up Angela's liaison with Paul.

Episode 242

Angela at The Terrace after a row with Beryl about Angela's affair with Paul.


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