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Episode 243

Angela in bed in hospital, in shock after being told she's pregnant.

Episode 244

Paul Sheppard after an argument with Angela in which she insisted that the baby is Rob's.

Episode 245

Peter Healy after threatening to tell everyone what a phony his father is for making himself out to be a big war hero.

Episode 246

Martin Healy after Peter tells Jennifer that Martin killed her father.

Episode 247

Rob Keegan after walking in on Angela and Paul locked in an embrace in Rob and Angela's bedroom.

Episode 248

Wayne after telling Beth Newman that he's paying her to get him close to Jill, not to cause trouble around the place.

Episode 249

Patricia after telling Beryl that she's going to make sure Angela - who has amnesia - forgets the Palmers even exist.

Episode 250

Peter Healy glaring at his father as he drives off with Angela.

Episode 251

Margaret after telling Patricia that Martin knows he's going to be stood up at his wedding.

Episode 252

Angela walking in on David, who is holding a gun, at the Healy house; Martin Healy is lying dead on the floor.


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