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Episode 253

Beryl after realising that she's falsely accused David of murdering Martin Healy.

Episode 254

Fiona looking upset after spotting Paul and Angela walking in the grounds at Woombai.

Episode 255

John in an angry mood after discovering from Wayne that Jill has just married Brian.

Episode 256

Margaret after Patricia blackmails her into revealing where Paul and Angela are and into taking a long trip.

Episode 257

Patricia after setting Martin's suicide note on fire, destroying the evidence that would clear David.

Episode 258

Gordon looking horrified after Rosie tells him that Angela is beginning to remember what happened in Wayne's room at Woombai seventeen years ago.

Episode 259

Doug Palmer waving to Rosie happily; he's just asked her to marry him and she's said yes.

Episode 260

Fiona looking worried after Angela tells her that she remembers Gordon doing something very cruel in Wayne's room seventeen years ago.

Episode 261

Patricia looking resigned as she sits waiting to be seen at the social security office.

Episode 262

Wayne smiling after blackmailing Brian over the fact that Jill is identical to Brian's ex-fiancée, Maureen.


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