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Episode 263

Rob looking happy after throwing Patricia out of The Terrace.

Episode 264

Angela looking worried about trying to remember what happened in Wayne's room at Woombai seventeen years ago.

Episode 265

Wayne 'phoning Immigration to report Brian as an illegal immigrant.

Episode 266

Angela hugging John after concluding that he's her husband; Matt Kennedy is watching.

Episode 267

John looking worried after Matt Kennedy tells him to act as if he's Angela's husband.

Episode 268

John looking worried after Angela regains her memory and runs out in shock at thinking he was her husband.

Episode 269

Barbara with Gordon after telling him that she's going to give Patricia just enough rope to hang herself when she attends their wedding.

Episode 270

Kevin looking shocked after Lynn tells him that she's not ready yet to come back to him as his wife.

Episode 271

Wayne after destroying Gordon and Barbara's wedding cake, having found out that Gordon almost let him die when he was seven years old.

Episode 272

Barbara looking furious after Patricia tells her that Stephen is very fond of her and that there's nothing Barbara can do about it.


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