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Episode 273

Fiona looking upset and worried after Jill takes pity on Wayne.

Episode 274

Wayne looking furious after Beth Newman threatens to tell the truth about his paying her to pretend to be Jill's mother.

Episode 275

Beth Newman after being challenged by Fiona over what exactly her connection is with pimp Michael Wilson.

Episode 276

Wayne lying on the hall floor at Dural in pain, after falling down the stairs.

Episode 277

Wayne looking pleased with himself after deceiving Gordon into thinking he has a serious problem with his back.

Episode 278

Barbara smiling after pushing Wayne, in his wheelchair, into the swimming pool at Dural so that she could prove his deception.

Episode 279

John after reading a postcard that suggests Jill and Brian slept together on their last night with each other before Brian went on the run from the immigration authorities.

Episode 280

John looking shocked after an argument with Jill in which she tells him that he's wasting his time on a tramp like her.

Episode 281

Jill after telling John that there isn't a hope for them.

Episode 282

Barbara looking shocked after Patricia tells her that she and Stephen are married.


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