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Episode 283

Lynn looking shocked and worried after Phillipe Souchon (who's hugging her) turns up on the doorstep at The Terrace.

Episode 284

Jill breaking down in tears after being raped by Terry Hansen.

Episode 285

Fiona after threatening Terry that he'll pay for what he did to Jill.

Episode 286

Stephen hugging Patricia but looking worried after a run-in on the 'phone with Amanda.

Episode 287

Patricia looking at Stephen, stony-faced, after the arrival of a singing telegram from Amanda.

Episode 288

Patricia looking intrigued after Stephen tells her that it's time she learnt the truth about the man she married.

Episode 289

Tony Parker after being caught stealing from Toorak by Amanda Morrell.

Episode 290

Kevin and David having a run-in in which Kevin tells David that he'll never forgive him if anything happens to Davey.

Episode 291

Jill looking shocked after Wayne tells her that he loves her, and never stopped loving her.

Episode 292

Wayne looking smug after hitting on the truth that Terry Hansen is Fiona's son.


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