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Episode 293

Fiona in shock after coming across some photos of her baby son, Scott, in a photo album, looking older than when she thought he'd died.

Episode 294

Fiona hugging Jill, overcome with shock and delight after discovering that there's no death certificate for baby Scott.

Episode 295

John after telling Amanda that, the way he's feeling now, he'd like to kill Patricia; he's just discovered that she burnt the evidence that could have cleared David of Martin Healy's murder.

Episode 296

Patricia crumpled on the floor at the party for Gordon and Stephen's business, drunk and crying that her children hate her.

Episode 297

Patricia after Stephen tells her to start acting like a normal human being and forget about her kids, or he'll call their marriage quits.

Episode 298

Tony Parker looking shocked after he shoots what he thinks is an unloaded rifle at Patricia and she slumps to the ground.

Episode 299

Patricia in reflective mood at the Woombai waterhole, after talking to David.

Episode 300

John as he looks down at Christine Matthews, whose tarot cards told her she was about to meet the man she's going to marry.

Episode 301

Wayne and Jill after Jill agrees to marry Wayne.

Episode 302

John kneeling by Christine Matthews' bed at Woombai as she's in labour.


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