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Episode 303

John looking upset after discovering that Christine has put Paul Sheppard's name on the birth certificate as the father of her babies.

Episode 304

Angela smiling as she tells Paul that they can keep baby John.

Episode 305

Patricia glaring at Amanda after Amanda tells Dee Morrell that Patricia is nothing but a money-hungry schemer.

Episode 306

Patricia and Stephen; Stephen has just told Patricia that if they don't produce a son, Dee will cut them off without a cent.

Episode 307

Barbara looking stony-faced after her mother, Dee, turns up at Dural.

Episode 308

Patricia after being caught by Angela sneaking around Dural.

Episode 309

Jill standing in the doorway of the Morrell Sydney apartment; Terry has just told her that he's there to see her about their baby.

Episode 310

Angela after Christine threatens that she'll make Paul think Angela is having another nervous breakdown.

Episode 311

Stephen telling Patricia that they're going to embezzle Dee.

Episode 312

John with a burning car which he's just crashed; inside was a letter from Beth Newman that would have told Jill about Wayne paying her to be pretend to be Jill's mother.


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