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Episode 313

Wayne and Jill looking shocked as Brian O'Donnel - who they believed to be dead - turns up at their wedding.

Episode 314

Jill and Brian kissing as Jill realises she loves Brian and can't be with Wayne.

Episode 315

Fiona looking flabbergasted after Terry Hansen tells her that she can't fire him; the Hamiltons hired him so they have to be the ones to give him the sack.

Episode 316

Fiona looking shocked after Enid Hansen reveals that Terry is Fiona's son.

Episode 317

Wayne after Gordon tells him that he wishes Wayne had died seventeen years ago.

Episode 318

Wayne on the brink of suicide, drunk and looking down to the ground below from the Morrell apartment in Sydney.

Episode 319

Dee Morrell after Wayne tells her that Stephen and Patricia have asked him to front a dummy company so that they can embezzle her.

Episode 320

Fiona looking shocked as Terry, who has been blinded in an accident, grabs her hand, thinking she's Enid.

Episode 321

Patricia standing holding Dee's heart pills and not handing them over as Dee suffers heart pains.

Episode 322

Amanda and Kevin kissing after Amanda seduces Kevin to get revenge on Lynn.


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