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Episode 323

Beryl looking shocked at finding who's living at the flat she's visiting after finding the address on a piece of paper in David's wallet.

Episode 324

Barbara looking furious after Dee accuses her of causing her father's death.

Episode 325

Kevin looking stunned after Amanda tells him that Lynn had an affair in Paris with Phillipe Souchon.

Episode 326

John Palmer and Lisa Cook kissing passionately.

Episode 327

Wayne and Amanda looking at each other in shock after Dee tells them that they're going to marry each other.

Episode 328

Wayne kissing Amanda's hand after she drunkenly agrees to marry him.

Episode 329

Fiona looking shocked that she's just let slip to Terry Hansen that she's his mother.

Episode 330

David looking worried after Alice Parker tells him that her husband, Joe, has threatened to kill him.

Episode 331

Dee looking angry after Stephen chooses Patricia over her.

Episode 332

Dee smiling at the fact that no one could possibly guess what's in her newly re-written will.


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