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Episode 333

Tony Parker with his arm around Lynn after Joe Parker has scared her by barging into The Terrace.

Episode 334

Dee looking furious after Barbara tells her that she'll die alone and then storms out of Toorak.

Episode 335

Wayne looking thoughtful after Amanda tells him that Dee is dead.

Episode 336

Dee about to summarise the contents of her will in the video she recorded.

Episode 337

Patricia looking angry after Stephen tells her that they're not going to challenge Dee's will, but are going to start acting like two perfectly normal people.

Episode 338

Wayne smiling after telling Amanda that they're going to rip-off Beryl and Margaret.

Episode 339

Stephen looking concerned after telling his solicitor that if Patricia knew the truth about him, he'd lose her forever.

Episode 340

Fiona glaring at Patricia after slapping her face and telling her that she's interfered in her life once too often (Patricia let slip to Terry that Fiona used to be a prostitute).

Episode 341

John staring at Fiona after she tells him that it was Terry Hansen who raped Jill.

Episode 342

Stephen looking at Andrew Green, his son, who he's just met.


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