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Episode 343

Stephen looking worried even though he's just told Andy Green that Patricia will stick by him when she finds out that he has a son.

Episode 344

Stephen after Patricia tells him that she's leaving him; he's just told her about Andy.

Episode 345

Wayne looking pleased with himself after conning Beryl into signing over her Power of Attorney.

Episode 346

Terry Hansen, his eyes still covered with bandages, in the waterhole at Woombai, trying to find a drowning Tony Parker.

Episode 347

Fiona looking overjoyed after Terry tells her that he'd like to get to know her better.

Episode 348

Patricia looking surprised after Andy tells her that he's going to contest Dee's will.

Episode 349

Stephen looking surprised after Margaret says a cheery hello to him; Gordon has just told him that she's quite pathetic at the moment.

Episode 350

Patricia after arranging to buy a mini-tape recorder so that she can tape Helen Green confirming that Stephen is Andy's father.

Episode 351

Jill sobbing after all her problems get on top of her.

Episode 352

Woombai, where five gunshots have just been fired. (1983 season finale)


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