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Episode 353

David lying in hospital, his heart monitor indicating that he's dead.

Episode 354

Patricia looking furious after Margaret has threatened that she can get her any time she wants.

Episode 355

Stephen looking shocked after finding Patricia in bed with Matt Kennedy. (Apologies for the poor quality of this capture.)

Episode 356

Wayne looking smug as he tells Margaret that he's got information that's going to blow the Hamilton house sky-high, and that there's no way they're going to lose their money now.

Episode 357

Barbara staring at Helen Green.

Episode 358

Margaret raising a glass as Stephen proposes a toast to a new start.

Episode 359

Wayne looking sheepish after Kevin Palmer challenges him to open the safety deposit box that he alleges contains the Power of Attorney form that Wayne tricked Beryl into signing.

Episode 360

Amanda smiling nastily as she tells Andy that Wayne will be sorry he ever met her.

Episode 361

Margaret looking pleased with herself after manipulating Stephen so that he'll tell Patricia exactly what he thinks of her.

Episode 362

Patricia and Matt Kennedy kissing.


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