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Episode 363

Wayne realising that Amanda is setting him up to catch him out over Beryl's Power of Attorney form.

Episode 364

Patricia looking sad and thoughtful after a confrontation with Margaret.

Episode 365

Margaret looking at David longingly.

Episode 366

Robin Elliott looking at Patricia, who's staring at David and Margaret, having vowed to find out what's going on between them.

Episode 367

Barbara looking shocked at finding Helen Green's dead body in the Hamiltons' swimming pool.

Episode 368

Wayne looking angry after Gordon rejects his attempts to make up; he's telling two newspaper reporters that he can give them a story about Helen Green's death alright.

Episode 369

Margaret looking upset that David is going on a picnic with his family.

Episode 370

Patricia trapped in the middle of a bush fire after falling and hurting her leg; Margaret has just left her there to die.

Episode 371

Barbara vowing that by the time she's finished with Wayne, he'll wish he'd never been born.

Episode 372

Barbara looking shocked after knocking a drunken Wayne down with her car.


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